Option to disregard uncommitted insertions

The DB2_SKIPINSERTED registry variable controls whether or not uncommitted data insertions can be ignored for statements that use the cursor stability (CS) or the read stability (RS) isolation level.

Uncommitted insertions are handled in one of two ways, depending on the value of the DB2_SKIPINSERTED registry variable.
  • When the value is ON, the Db2® server ignores uncommitted insertions, which in many cases can improve concurrency and is the preferred behavior for most applications. Uncommitted insertions are treated as though they had not yet occurred.
  • When the value is OFF (the default), the Db2 server waits until the insert operation completes (commits or rolls back) and then processes the data accordingly. This is appropriate in certain cases. For example:
    • Suppose that two applications use a table to pass data between themselves, with the first application inserting data into the table and the second one reading it. The data must be processed by the second application in the order presented, such that if the next row to be read is being inserted by the first application, the second application must wait until the insert operation commits.
    • An application avoids UPDATE statements by deleting data and then inserting a new image of the data.