Member start failure

Use the information in this topic to help you diagnose if a member component failed.


A Db2® instance fails to start on the execution of the db2start command.

Diagnosing a member start failure

  • Refer to the SQLCODEs in the db2start command output.
  • The state of each member can be viewed by issuing the db2instance -list command. This information might show members in a STOPPED or ERROR state if the startup has failed, depending on when the failure occurs.
    • The following example shows a sample output from the db2instance -list command:
      ID        TYPE             STATE                HOME_HOST               CURRENT_HOST   ...
      --        ----             -----                ---------               ------------
      0       MEMBER             ERROR                host01                  host01      
      1       MEMBER           STARTED                host02                  host02      
      2       MEMBER           STARTED                host03                  host03      
      128     CF               PRIMARY                host04                  host04      
      129     CF                  PEER                host05                  host05      
      -----   ----------------        ------------    -------   
      YES                    0                   0    host01-ib0
      NO                     0                   0    host02-ib0
      NO                     0                   0    host03-ib0
      NO                     -                   0    host04-ib0
      NO                     -                   0    host05-ib0
      HOSTNAME                   STATE                INSTANCE_STOPPED        ALERT
      --------                   -----                ----------------        -----
      host01                    ACTIVE                              NO           NO
      host02                    ACTIVE                              NO           NO
      host03                    ACTIVE                              NO           NO
      host04                    ACTIVE                              NO           NO
      host05                    ACTIVE                              NO           NO
  • For more information about the listed alerts, run the db2cluster -cm -list -alert command. For example, the db2cluster -cm -list -alert command might return something like the following alert:
    Alert: Db2 member '0' failed to start on its home host 'host01'. The 
    cluster manager will attempt to restart the Db2 member in restart 
    light mode on another host. Check the db2diag log file for messages 
    concerning failures on hosts 'host01' for member '0'
    This alert must be cleared manually with the command: 
    db2cluster -cm -clear -alert.
    Impact: Member 0 will not be able to service requests until 
    this alert has been cleared and the member returns to its home host.
  • Check the <instance_owner>.nfy log for information about when the failure occurred. Look in this member's db2diag log file for more details on why the failure occurred. Look for error messages that are related to db2rstar or db2rstop in the db2diag log file.
  • The system error log for the affected host can also be consulted if the cause of the error is still unknown. For example:
    • In the output shown previously, member 0 is not started.
    • Login to host01 and view the system error log by running the errpt -a command (AIX) or looking at the /var/log/messages (Linux).
    • In the system error log, look for related log entries at the time of the failure.
  • If an alert was shown from db2cluster -list -alert, run db2cluster -clear -alert after the problem is resolved, and try the db2start command again.