Manually allowing the Db2 installer to take over a user-managed IBM Spectrum Scale cluster

Use this task to pass the ownership of your user managed IBM® Spectrum Scale cluster to the IBM Db2 pureScale® Feature.

Before you begin

  • You need root access on each host to perform these steps.
  • The Db2 pureScale Feature must be installed on all hosts in the IBM Spectrum Scale cluster

About this task

Only IBM Spectrum Scale clusters created by Db2 data server products are registered in the Db2 global registry. Performing this task will take your existing user managed clusters and treated it as if it had been created by a Db2 data server product.


To take over a user-managed IBM Spectrum Scale cluster:

  1. Log on as root on any machine in your cluster.
  2. Run the db2cluster_prepare command with the following parameters:
       db2dir/instance/db2cluster_prepare -cfs_takeover
  3. Check the error return code using the echo $? command. If there are errors, resolve the errors and rerun the command as specified in Step 2.
  4. To verify that you've properly added the record, run the following command:
       db2dir/bin/db2greg -dump
    The following sample output should be returned:

What to do next

You can now proceed with the installation of the Db2 pureScale Feature.