Member WAITING_FOR FAILBACK, no alerts, the corresponding host is in ACTIVE state with an alert

The output of the db2instance -list command shows at least one member in WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK state with no alerts, and the corresponding host is in ACTIVE state with an alert.

This is a sample output from the db2instance -list command showing a three member, two cluster caching facility environment:
--     ----         -----                ---------    ------------  -----  ----------------  ------------  -------
0      MEMBER       WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK hostA        hostB         NO                    0             1  hostB-ib0
1      MEMBER       STARTED              hostB        hostB         NO                    0             0  hostB-ib0
2      MEMBER       STARTED              hostC        hostC         NO                    0             0  hostC-ib0
128    CF           PRIMARY              hostD        hostD         NO                    -             0  hostD-ib0
129    CF           PEER                 hostE        hostE         NO                    -             0  hostE-ib0
--------              -----      ---------------- -----
hostA                 ACTIVE     NO               YES
hostB                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostC                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostD                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostE                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
This db2instance -list output shows that member 0 experienced a problem with its home host, hostA, and performed a successful restart light on hostB.

Running the db2instance -list at this point shows no alerts on the member 0 after it performed a restart light. This is indicated in the ALERT column for the member. This means member 0 was successful on its first attempt at restart light, which was performed on hostB.

There is an alert flagged for hostA, which is an indication to the administrator to investigate a problem on hostA. Although hostA is ACTIVE, there could be an issue preventing its usage in the cluster such as a file system or network problem.

For information about diagnosis for this symptom see the related link "Host fails, restarted light successfully, failback fails or cannot restart on home host ".