Member ACTIVE, but host has an alert related to /var file system

The output of the db2instance -list command shows that all members are in ACTIVE state, but at least one host has an alert related to the /var file system.

This is a sample output from the db2instance -list command showing a three-member, two-cluster caching facility environment:
--        ----             -----                ---------    ------------    -----   ----------------    ------------    -------
0         MEMBER           STARTED              hostA        hostA           NO                     0               0          -
1         MEMBER           STARTED              hostB        hostB           NO                     0               0          -
2         MEMBER           STARTED              hostC        hostC           NO                     0               0          -
128       CF               PRIMARY              hostD        hostD           NO                     -               0          -
129       CF               PEER                 hostE        hostE           NO                     -               0          -
--------              -----      ---------------- -----
hostA                 ACTIVE     NO               YES
hostB                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostC                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostD                 ACTIVE     NO               NO
hostE                 ACTIVE     NO               NO

This output shows that hostA has an alert set on it. To gather more information about the alert, use the db2cluster command with the -cm -list -alert option. If the /var file system free space is less than 25 MB on any host, the following alert message will appear for that host:
Alert: Host name hostA has 10 MB free space available on /var file system. Failure to write to /var due to no
space will result in Db2 cluster failure.

Action: The file system requires a minimum of 25 MB free disk space is available. Free up space on /var file system.
The alert will be cleared automatically when a sufficient amount of space becomes available on the filesystem.

Impact: Db2 Cluster Services may not function properly on the specified host and may eventually lead to a Db2 instance failure.
Even though this alert is only informative, it is extremely important that you monitor this situation and take action to increase the file system space on the affected host.
Another possibility is that Db2® is unable to gather information about the /var file system usage for a host. In this case, the following alert message will appear for that host:
Alert: There was a failure to retrieve /var file system usage on host name db2dev07. Check the db2diag.log for messages
concerning failures on host 'hostA' for /var file system.

Action: The failure needs to be resolved to clear the alert.

Impact: Db2 cluster will fail to write information about important errors and events. This will cause Db2 cluster failure.
Because it is essential that the host file system usage is monitored, you should take action as soon as possible.