Health indicator data

The health monitor records a set of data for each health indicator on each database partition.

This data includes:
  • Health indicator name
  • Value
  • Evaluation timestamp
  • Alert state
  • Formula, if applicable
  • Additional information, if applicable
  • History of up to ten of the most recent health indicator evaluations. Each history entry captures the following health indicator evaluations leading up to the current health indicator output:
    • Value
    • Formula (if applicable)
    • Alert state
    • Timestamp

The health monitor also tracks the highest severity alert state at the instance, database, and table space levels. At each level, this health indicator represents the highest severity alert existing for health indicators at that level, or any of the levels below it. For example, the highest severity alert state for an instance includes health indicators on the instance, any of its database, and any of the table spaces and table space containers for each of the databases.