Troubleshooting and problem determination enhancements

Db2® version 11.1 provides enhancements that make it easier to troubleshoot problems in Db2 environments.

The following table displays a list of troubleshooting and problem determination enhancements in 11.1:
Table 1. Troubleshooting and problem determination enhancements in 11.1
Enhancement Description
PL_STACK_TRACE database facility This facility can be set at the database level to log SQL errors in procedural code. Logs are formatted to show the complete call stack by routine name and source line number for all active SQL and external routines. This facility is intended for production environments that are not equipped to handle errors, and where changes to application code are impractical.
DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_CALL_STACK and DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE functions These functions work in tandem as part of an error or exception handling strategy during development. Developers can insert the following functions into an application's error handling code at points where they anticipate errors might occur:
  • FORMAT_CALL_STACK returns a formatted view of the stack at the time a routine is called.
  • FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE returns a similar view at the time of the last error in a compiled routine.