IBM Db2 pureScale Feature enhancements

Db2 version 11.1 continues to build on Db2 pureScale Feature support and provides several enhancements.

The following table displays a list of the new Db2 pureScale Feature enhancements in 11.1:
Table 1. Db2 pureScale Feature enhancements in 11.1
Enhancement Description
Support for HADR Synch and NearSynch modes Support for SYNC and NEARSYNC for hadr_syncmode database configuration parameter has been added to pureScale.
Unified Workload Balancing Version 11.1 extends the configuration options for member subsets allowing the user to explicitly define alternate members in a subset. This allows users currently using client affinity to move their configuration to using member subsets so that they can exploit the new benefits such as dynamic server side reconfiguration.
Improved high availability and extended platform support in Geographically dispersed Db2 pureScale cluster (GDPC) GDPC extends its support on 10GE RoCE and TCP/IP network to cover all pureScale supported operating systems: AIX, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Each of these configuration now supports multiple adapter ports per member and CF to support higher bandwidth and improved redundancy at the adapter level. Furthermore, dual switches can be configured at each site to eliminate the switch as a site-specific single point of failure.
GPFS Replication Up-and-Running and Operational Ease of Use The configuration of GPFS replication in traditional Db2 pureScale cluster and Geographically Dispersed Db2 pureScale Cluster (GDPC) has been enhanced by integrating all management and monitoring task with the db2cluster utility.
Improved health checks for pureScale cluster db2cluster -verify is a post-installation unified health check tool for a Db2 pureScale cluster. The validations performed include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Configuration settings in peer domain and GPFS cluster
  • Communications between members and CFs
  • Replication setting for each file system
  • Status of each disk in the file system
  • Remote access with db2sshid among all nodes through db2locssh and db2scp
RHEL 7.2 support for Db2 pureScale Db2 pureScale is supported on RHEL 7.2 in version 11.1.