Interpreting the informational record of the db2diag log files

The first message in the db2diag log files should always be an informational record.

An example of an informational record is as follows:

2006-02-09- I1H917             LEVEL: Event
PID     : 3140                 TID  : 2864        PROC : db2start.exe
INSTANCE: DB2                  NODE : 000
FUNCTION: Db2, RAS/PD component, _pdlogInt, probe:120
START   : New Diagnostic Log file
DATA #1 : Build Level, 124 bytes
Instance "DB2" uses "32" bits and Db2 code release "SQL09010"
with level identifier "01010107".
Informational tokens are "Db2 v9.1.0.190", "s060121", "", Fix Pack "0".
DATA #2 : System Info, 1564 bytes
System: WIN32_NT MYSRVR Service Pack 2 5.1 x86 Family 15, model 2, stepping 4
CPU: total:1 online:1 Cores per socket:1 Threading degree per core:1
Physical Memory(MB): total:1024 free:617 available:617
Virtual  Memory(MB): total:2462 free:2830
Swap     Memory(MB): total:1438 free:2213
Information in this record is only valid at the time when this file was created 
(see this record's time stamp)

The Informational record is output for db2start on every logical partition. This results in multiple informational records: one per logical partition. Since the informational record contains memory values which are different on every partition, this information might be useful.