Response file installation basics

A Db2® response file installation lets you install Db2 products without any user interaction.

A response file is an English-only text file that contains setup and configuration information. A response file specifies configuration and setup parameters and the products and components to install.

This method is useful not only for large-scale deployments of Db2 products, but also for embedding the Db2 installation process transparently inside your customized installation and configuration procedure.

You can create a response file by any of the following methods:
  • Modifying the db2server.rsp sample response files provided in the db2/platform/samples directory, where platform refers to the appropriate operating system.
  • Using the Db2 Setup wizard to save the setup and configuration data according to the input you provided. If you choose the option to create a response file in the Db2 Setup wizard, the response files will be saved by default at this location. By default, response files are saved to: /tmp.
  • In a Db2 pureScale® environment a response file can be saved from the instance setup wizard (the db2isetup command.)

A response file installation can also be referred to as a silent installation or an unattended installation.