Management of the Db2 pureScale Feature

The IBM® Db2 pureScale Feature integrates full instance management and monitoring functionality for all components directly into the familiar Db2 database environment, protecting investment in skills and personnel.

As a database administrator, you do not have to be familiar with any of the underlying components or interact with them directly. You manage all components by using only Db2 commands, administrative views, and table functions. With a single-system view of your entire Db2 pureScale environment, you can efficiently perform the following administrative tasks from any member, with instance-wide effect:

  • Backup, restore, and roll forward operations
  • Instance monitoring
  • Database alert management
  • Database storage management
  • Access management

To demonstrate how well integrated the Db2 pureScale Feature is, consider that you can also perform the following system administration tasks using simple Db2 commands:

  • Remote installation and configuration of the Db2 pureScale Feature
  • Creation and deletion of computing resources
  • Addition and removal of hosts from the cluster manager and shared file system
  • Host system maintenance

As part of the integrated cluster management provided by the Db2 cluster services, the status of all major Db2 pureScale Feature components is monitored and reacted to automatically. These components include the cluster caching facilities, the Db2 members, and the Db2 cluster file system. The ongoing, automatic management almost eliminates the need for manual intervention during component failures and reduces the amount of monitoring specific to Db2 pureScale Feature that you must perform on a regular basis. The feature includes new monitoring functionality that you can use to obtain the status of Db2 pureScale Feature components, and Db2 pureScale monitoring support is also integrated into the separately available IBM Data Server Manager.