Key JSON concepts

A JSON data store is a database that provides the capabilities to store, process, and manage data in JSON format. The Db2® JSON feature for Db2 enables a Db2 database to serve as a JSON data store.

JSON documents in the data store are stored in a binary format (extended BSON). The JSON documents can be managed and queried with a Java™ API that supports a JSON-oriented query language that is derived from the popular MongoDB query language. The Db2JSON Java API is the backbone for extra application interfaces, such as the command-line interface and the wire listener.

Figure 1. Db2 JSON components
DB2 JSON components
In addition to supporting basic features of the MongoDB query language, Db2 JSON provides extensions that you can use to apply some Db2 database features to JSON documents, such as the following ones:
  • Transaction control to group multiple operations into one commit scope
  • Bitemporal data to associate business time and system time concepts with your JSON data