Installation of Db2 license certificates in a Db2 pureScale environment

In a Db2 pureScale environment, there are some special considerations for installing Db2 license certificates.

Automatic installation of license certificates in a Db2 pureScale environment

The Db2 installer automatically installs the Db2 license certificates in the following two situations:
The license certificate files are in a directory that is used by the Db2 pureScale Feature software
You can use the Db2 product media on the installation-initiating host (IIH) to install and set up the Db2 pureScale environment across multiple hosts. The Db2 license certificates are installed across all the hosts if the certificates are in the following directory:
where image_path represents the first directory of the Db2 product media and platform represents your hardware platform.

IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (Tivoli SA MP) software is one of the Db2 pureScale components and has its own license certificate. If you obtain the Db2 product media from the Db2 Fix Central download site, for either a fix pack image or a trial image, the product media has the trial license certificate for the Tivoli SA MP component. The trial license is located in the image_path/db2/platform/tsamp/license directory with a file name that is similar to samversiontb.lic, where version represents the version of the component. It is recommended to replace the trial license with the permanent product license for Tivoli SA MP on the Db2 pureScale product media that you obtained from IBM. The file name of the permanent product license certificate does not contain the tb substring and is similar to samversion.lic. Ensure that the version and release numbers of the trial license and the permanent license are the same.

The license certificates are already installed on a host that is part of the Db2 pureScale environment
You can extend a Db2 pureScale environment from an IIH to a new host. On the new host, the same installation path that you used for the Db2 pureScale environment on the IIH cannot contain a previous Db2 pureScale installation. When you extend the environment to the new host, all the Db2 license certificate that is installed on the IIH for the related Db2 installation path is installed on the new host and the Db2 pureScale components.

If you installed the Db2 pureScale components on the IIH with a trial license certificate for Tivoli SA MP, after you extend the Db2 pureScale environment to the new host, you must manually install the permanent product license for Tivoli SA MP from the Db2 pureScale product media. You can check whether the system has a trial license by issuing the samlicm -s command. If the trial license is installed, the command shows the following information: Product: IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (Try & Buy License). If the trial license is installed, you can use the samlicm -i permanent_license_file command to install the permanent license, where permanent_license_file represents the path name of the Tivoli SA MP product license. Ensure that the installed Tivoli SA MP product has the same version and release numbers as the product license that you are trying to install. You can check whether the license is correctly installed by running the samlicm -s command.

Installing a license certificate in an existing Db2 pureScale environment

To install a specific Db2 license certificate in an existing Db2 pureScale environment, you must issue the db2licm -a license_file command on each host of the environment. To remove a license certificate, you must issue the db2licm -r product identifier command on each host.

In case of updating the trial license with a permanent license for Tivoli SA MP, you must manually check whether license is correctly updated on each of the hosts in the existing Db2 pureScale environment by using the samlicm commandWhen you use the db2licm command to install the Db2 product or feature license certificate from the product media and there is a Tivoli SA MP license certificate on the product media, the Tivoli license is automatically installed.

Important: The license is not preserved when an environment is created from a mksysb image, and must therefore be reinstalled to the existing Db2 pureScale environment.
To install the Tivoli SA MP license, you must complete the following steps:
  1. Run the samlicm -i samxx.lic command from each host in the cluster.
    For example, to install the license for Tivoli SA MP version 3.2 you would issue the following command:
    samlicm -i /opt/ibm/db2/V10.5/sd/db2/linuxamd64/tsamp/license/sam32.lic
  2. Stop and restart the TSA domain by taking the cluster in and out of maintenance mode. For more information, see Putting a cluster into maintenance mode.
  3. Verify that the Tivoli SA MP license was applied by checking that the following two commands return a 0 on each node:
    samlicm -p; echo $?
    samlicm -t; echo $?
  4. Issue the samlicm -s command to ensure that the license is valid until 2037.

Automatic installation of license certificates during a Db2 pureScale fix pack update

To install a fix pack in a Db2 pureScale environment by using the installFixPack command, specify the -p FPPath parameter, where FPPath is the installation path name for the fix pack. This parameter installs the fix pack image with the same Db2 components as those in the original installation path indicated by the -b original_installation_path parameter of the installFixPack command. The Db2 license certificates that you installed in the base product installation path by issuing the db2licm command are automatically installed in the new installation path. There is no need to reinstall those license certificates