page_age_trgt_mcr - Page age target member crash recovery configuration parameter

This configuration parameter specifies the target duration (in seconds) for changed pages to be kept in the local buffer pool before they are persisted to table space storage, or for Db2® pureScale® instances, to table space storage or to the group buffer pool.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable Offline
Default [range]
240 [1 - 65535]
In a Db2 pureScale environment, the default is:
120 [1 - 65535]

The page_age_trgt_mcr parameter is used when the softmax parameter is configured to a value of 0. Migrated databases retain the previous value for softmax and ignore the page_age_trgt_mcr parameter if this value is not 0. The value of softmax is set to 0 in new databases. When the softmax parameter is set to 0 the page_age_trgt_mcr parameter is used to determine the frequency of soft checkpoints.

Increasing the value of this configuration parameter keeps changed pages in memory for a longer time, allowing more page updates to be kept in local buffer pool before the pages are persisted to table space storage. This behavior can help to improve performance but also increases recovery time.