auto_del_rec_obj - Automated deletion of recovery objects configuration parameter

This parameter specifies whether database log files, backup images, and load copy images should be deleted when their associated recovery history file entry is pruned.

Configuration type
Parameter type
Configurable online
Propagation class
Default [range]

You can prune the entries in the recovery history file using the PRUNE HISTORY command or the db2Prune API. You can also configure the IBM® Data Server database manager to automatically prune the recovery history file after each full database backup. If you set the auto_del_rec_obj database configuration parameter to ON, then the database manager will also delete the corresponding physical log files, backup images, and load copy images when it prunes the history file. The database manager can only delete recovery objects such as database logs, backup images, and load copy images when your storage media is disk, or if you are using a storage manager, such as the Tivoli® Storage Manager. If the logarchmeth1 parameter is set to LOGRETAIN and the ARCHIVE LOG command is issued, the log files will not be deleted by the prune even if entries appear in the history file and auto_del_rec_obj is set to ON.