Release Notes for DB2 version 11.1

The Release Notes provide a list of useful topics and links for when you install a DB2® database product or fix pack.



DB2 database products are available in several different editions, each offering different features and function.

A fix pack is a cumulative collection of APAR fixes. In general, fix packs can be applied on top of any previously shipped maintenance to bring the system up to the current fix pack level.

Backward compatibility

For information about changes in the features and functionality of DB2 database products, refer to What's Changed:

System requirements

For information about hardware and software compatibility, as well as requirements by operating system and Db2® component, see Db2 version 11.1 system requirements.

Downloading Db2 database products

For information on how to download Db2 V11.1 and related fix packs, see Downloading IBM DB2 Version 11.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Installing DB2 database products

For step-by-step installation instructions, see the following topics in the documentation:

If you are upgrading from an earlier DB2 version, additional information can be found at Upgrade to DB2 version 11.1.

Known problems

Limitations and known problems for DB2 database products are documented in:
As problems are discovered and resolved, those resources are updated. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems:

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