Processor value unit pricing

A processor value unit (PVU) is a unit of measure that is assigned to each processor core for software licensing purposes. For each Db2® database product, you need to acquire the appropriate number of processor value units for the level or tier of all processor cores activated and ready for use on which the software is deployed.

On 25 July 2006, IBM announced a processor pricing strategy based on processor value units. All existing part numbers have been converted to the new PVU-based part numbers. A single processor-based entitlement has been converted to 100 PVUs.

For example, a single System p processor with a single core requires 100 value units. An Intel or AMD dual-core processor also requires 100 value units. This is in keeping with existing announcements on multicore pricing. To determine the total cost of deploying an individual software program, you multiply the program's price per PVU by the total number of PVUs required.

PVU pricing is explained in detail on the Passport Advantage® home page. Announcement letters, value unit conversion tables, a terminology glossary, presentations, and other external resources are available online. Refer to There is also a PVU calculator to help you calculate the total number of PVU in your environment:

The processor limits for Db2 database products are as follows:
  • For Db2 Workgroup Server Edition, the limit depends on the architecture. For the Intel or AMD architecture, you can have sixteen processors: single, dual, or quad core. For other architectures, Db2 Workgroup Server Edition is limited to 16 cores..
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition requires a minimum of 25 users per 100 PVUs.

Subcapacity licensing

Processor value units enable subcapacity licensing at the processor core, which allows you to cost-effectively use logically partitioned hardware. Read the full details of the IBM subcapacity strategy at

On 7 April 2009, IBM announced enhancements to subcapacity licensing for PVU-based products available in Passport Advantage. Db2 database products that are offered under the PVU charge metric are available for subcapacity licensing. Refer to

Ensure that the machine on which the Db2 database product resides does not exceed it's licensed PVU limits.