Using the Design Advisor to convert from a single-partition to a multi-partition database

You can use the Design Advisor to help you convert a single-partition database into a multi-partition database.

About this task

In addition to making suggestions about new indexes, materialized query tables (MQTs), and multidimensional clustering (MDC) tables, the Design Advisor can provide you with suggestions for distributing data.


  1. Use the db2licm command to register the partitioned database environment license key. See Registering a Db2® product or feature license key using the db2licm command.
  2. Create at least one table space in a multi-partition database partition group.
    Note: The Design Advisor can only suggest data redistribution to existing table spaces.
  3. Run the Design Advisor with the partitioning option specified on the db2advis command.
  4. Modify the db2advis output file slightly before running the DDL statements that were generated by the Design Advisor.
    Because database partitioning must be set up before you can run the DDL script that the Design Advisor generates, suggestions are commented out of the script that is returned. It is up to you to transform your tables in accordance with the suggestions.