Named Pipes worksheet for configuring Named Pipes on the client

You must know the computer name, the instance name, and the node name of the client for which you are configuring the Named Pipes.

Use the following worksheet to help identify the required parameter values for configuring Named Pipes communications.
Table 1. Named Pipes parameter values worksheet
Parameter Description Sample Value Your Value
Computer name (computer_name)

The computer name of the server machine.

On the server machine, to locate the value for this parameter, click on Start and select Settings, Control Panel. Double-click on the Network folder and select the Identification tab. Record the computer name.


Instance name (instance_name)

The name of the instance on the server to which you are connecting.

Node name (node_name)

A local alias, or nickname, that describes the node to which you are trying to connect. You can choose any name you want; however, all node name values within your local node directory must be unique.