Communication protocols supported

You can use any of the supported protocols for connecting from an IBM® data server client to a Db2® server. The type of protocol that you use is dependant on the configuration of your database environment.

The types of Db2 server connections that you can establish include:
  • connecting from IBM data server client to midrange or mainframe hosts using Db2 Connect products.
  • connecting from mid range or mainframe platforms to databases on Db2.

The TCP/IP protocol is supported on all platforms on which Db2 is available. Both TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 are supported. IPv4 addresses have a four-part structure, for example, IPv6 addresses have an eight-part name, where each part consists of 4 hex digits delimited by a colon. Two colons (::) represents one or more sets of zeros. For example, 2001:0db8:4545:2::09ff:fef7:62dc.

Db2 database products support the SSL protocol and accept SSL requests from applications that use the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ (type 4 connectivity), IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI and IBM Data Server Driver Package. Refer to Configuring Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support in a Db2 instance.

In addition, the Windows Named Pipes protocol is supported on Windows networks. To administer a Db2 database remotely, you must connect using TCP/IP.