db2cat - System catalog analysis command

Analyzes the contents of packed descriptors. Given a database name and other qualifying information, this command will query the system catalogs for information and format the results. It must be issued on the server.



Required Connection


Command syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramdb2cat -ddbname -h -l -nname -ooutfile -pdescriptor -viversionID -sschema -t -v -x -cb

Command parameters

-d dbname
dbname is the name of the database for which the command will query the system catalogs.
Displays usage information.
Turns on case sensitivity for the object name.
-n name
Specifies the name of the object.
-o outfile
Specifies the name of the output file.
-p descriptor
Specifies the name of the packed descriptor (pd) to display where descriptor is one of the following values:
Display table check constraints packed descriptor.
Displays packed descriptors for all enabled permissions and masks for a given table.
Display referential integrity constraint packed descriptor.
Display table packed descriptor. This includes the inline length if at least one exists for the table.
Display summary table packed descriptor.
Displays the packed descriptor for a given mask or permission.
Display table trigger packed descriptor.
Display view packed descriptor.
Display global variable packed descriptor.
Display remote non-relational data sources packed descriptor.
Display materialized query table packed descriptor.
Display routine packed descriptor.
Display package packed descriptor.
Display structured type packed descriptor.
Display sequence packed descriptor.
Display key transformation thread and index extension packed descriptor.
Display event monitor packed descriptor.
Display server packed descriptor.
Display privileges held by this grantee on this object.
-vi versionID
Specifies the version ID of the package packed descriptor. -vi is only valid when -p sysplan is specified. If versionID is omitted, the default is the empty string.
-s schema
Specifies the name of the object schema.
Displays terminal output.
Validates packed descriptor. This parameter is only valid for table packed descriptors.
Validates table space extent size in catalogs (does not require a table name).
Cleans orphan rows from SYSCAT.BUFFERPOOLDBPARTITIONS (does not require a table name).


Example 1
The following command prints the packed descriptor information for the table splt_tb1 with schema raguk from database testdb to terminal:
 db2cat -d testdb -s raguk -t -n splt_tb1

Usage notes

  • The options -d, -s and -n are mandatory when executing the db2cat command.
  • Table name and table schema may be supplied in LIKE predicate form, which allows percent sign (%) and underscore (_) to be used as pattern matching characters to select multiple sources with one invocation.
  • Prompting will occur for all fields that are not supplied or are incompletely specified (except for the -h and -l options).
  • If -o is specified without a file name, and -t is not specified, you will be prompted for a file name (the default name is db2cat.out).
  • If neither -o nor -t is specified, you will be prompted for a file name (the default is terminal output).
  • If -o and -t are both specified, the output will be directed to the terminal.