Upgrading a Db2 server with multiple Db2 copies

Upgrading a Db2 server with multiple pre- version 11.1 copies, requires that you install Db2 version 11.1 as a new copy and then manually upgrade the instances and databases after installation.

You can have a Db2 server with multiple copies of Db2 database products version 10.1 and version 9.7 installed.

You can manually upgrade a pre-Db2 version 11.1 instance at any fix pack level by executing the db2iupgrade command from the target Db2 version 11.1 copy of your choice.

After an instance is upgraded to a Db2 version 11.1 copy, you cannot upgrade it to another version 11.1copy. However, you can update an instance between different version 11.1 copies using the db2iupdt command.

Before you begin



To upgrade a Db2 server with multiple Db2 copies:

  1. Log on to the Db2 server as root or a user with Local Administrator authority.
  2. Install Db2 version 11.1 at a new install path by running the Db2 Setup wizard and select the Install New option on the Install a Product panel. Refer to the following tasks for details:

    You can install multiple Db2 version 11.1 copies, if you want to upgrade your existing instances to different Db2 version 11.1 copies.

  3. Upgrade instances using the db2iupgrade command from the installation path of the Db2 version 11.1 copy of your choice.
    For example, assume that you have the following Db2 copies and instances on an AIX® server and a Windows server:
    Table 1. Directory examples for Db2 copies.
    Instance name OS Db2 copy directory
    db2inst1 AIX /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7
    db2inst2 AIX /opt/IBM/db2/V10.1
    db2inst3 AIX /home/db2/myV10.1
    No instances created AIX
    DB2_97 Windows C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB_97\
    No instances created Windows C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB_10.5\
    You can then run the following commands to successfully upgrade your instances to Db2 version 11.1:
    Table 2. Instance upgrade command examples.
    Upgrade Instance Commands
    cd /opt/IBM/db2/V10.5/instance
    ./db2iupgrade -u db2fenc1 db2inst1
    cd /opt/IBM/db2/V10.5/instance
    ./db2iupgrade db2inst2
    cd /home/db2/myV10.5/instance
    ./db2iupgrade db2inst3
    cd C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB_10.5\
    db2iupgrade DB2_97 /u:db2admin1,password1
  4. Optional: Upgrade the Db2 Administration Server if you want to keep your existing configuration to administer your Db2 version 11.1 instances.
  5. Log on to the Db2 server as a user with SYSADM authority.
  6. Upgrade databases.

What to do next

After upgrading the Db2 server, perform the recommended post-upgrade tasks such as resetting the diagnostic error level, adjusting log space size, and rebinding packages. In addition, verify that the upgrade of your Db2 server was successful.