Installing IBM Global Security Kit with the SMIT GUI tool

To install IBM® Global Security Kit (GSKit) using the SMIT GUI tool, follow these steps.

About this task

The following procedure shows how to install the PPC 64-bit GSKit packages. To install the PPC 32-bit packages, replace the 64-bit packages with the 32-bit equivalent packages in the following steps.


  1. From the command line, run inutoc in the directory containing the GSKit packages.
    This creates a table of contents needed by SMIT. For example:
    inutoc /tmp/gsk8
  2. Invoke the SMIT application by entering smit on the command line.
  3. Choose Software Installation & Maintenance.
  4. Choose Install Software.
  5. Select Install and Update Software by Package Name.
  6. On the device and directory window, specify the directory that contains the installable software.
  7. Select packages GSKit8.gskcrypt64.ppc.rte and GSKit8.gskssl64.ppc.rte from the Multi-select List.
  8. Select the file sets of the software package to install.
  9. Mark the options appropriate to your installation requirements from the options window.
    Set the install all prereqs options to yes.
  10. Confirm to complete the installation.