DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Configuration parameters summary

The following tables list the parameters in the database manager and database configuration files for database servers. When changing the database manager and database configuration parameters, consider the detailed information for each parameter. Specific operating environment information including defaults is part of each parameter description.

Database Manager Configuration Parameter Summary

For some database manager configuration parameters, the database manager must be stopped (db2stop) and restarted (db2start) for the new parameter values to take effect. Other parameters can be changed online; these are called configurable online configuration parameters. If you change the setting of a configurable online database manager configuration parameter while you are attached to an instance, the default behavior of the UPDATE DBM CFG command applies the change immediately. If you do not want the change applied immediately, use the DEFERRED option on the UPDATE DBM CFG command.

The column "Auto" in the following table indicates whether the parameter supports the AUTOMATIC keyword on the UPDATE DBM CFG command.

When updating a parameter to automatic, it is also possible to specify a starting value as well as the AUTOMATIC keyword. Note that the value can mean something different for each parameter, and in some cases it is not applicable. Before specifying a value, read the parameter's documentation to determine what it represents. In the following example, num_poolagents will be updated to AUTOMATIC and the database manager will use 20 as the minimum number of idle agents to pool:
db2 update dbm cfg using num_poolagents 20 automatic

To unset the AUTOMATIC feature, the parameter can be updated to a value or the MANUAL keyword can be used. When a parameter is updated to MANUAL, the parameter is no longer automatic and is set to its current value (as displayed in the Current Value column from the GET DBM CFG SHOW DETAIL and GET DB CFG SHOW DETAIL commands).

If a database is created by either the CREATE DATABASE, or the sqlecrea API, then the Configuration Advisor runs by default to update the database configuration parameters with automatically computed values. If a database is created by either the CREATE DATABASE command with the AUTOCONFIGURE APPLY NONE clause added, or the sqlecrea API specifies not to run the Configuration Advisor, then the configuration parameters are set to the default values.

The column "Perf. Impact" provides an indication of the relative importance of each parameter as it relates to system performance. It is impossible for this column to apply accurately to all environments; you should view this information as a generalization.
  • High — Indicates the parameter can have a significant impact on performance. You should consciously decide the values of these parameters, which, in some cases, means that you will accept the default values provided.
  • Medium — Indicates that the parameter can have some impact on performance. Your specific environment and needs will determine how much tuning effort should be focused on these parameters.
  • Low — Indicates that the parameter has a less general or less significant impact on performance.
  • None — Indicates that the parameter does not directly impact performance. Although you do not have to tune these parameters for performance enhancement, they can be very important for other aspects of your system configuration, such as communication support, for example.

The columns "Token", "Token Value", and "Data Type" provide information that you will need when calling the db2CfgGet or the db2CfgSet API. This information includes configuration parameter identifiers, entries for the token element in the db2CfgParam data structure, and data types for values that are passed to the structure.

Table 1. Configurable Database Manager Configuration Parameters
Parameter Cfg. Online Auto. Perf. Impact Token Token Value Data Type Additional Information
agent_stack_sz No No Low SQLF_KTN_AGENT_STACK_SZ 61 Uint16 agent_stack_sz - Agent stack size configuration parameter
agentpri No No High SQLF_KTN_AGENTPRI 26 Sint16 agentpri - Priority of agents configuration parameter
alt_diagpath Yes No None SQLF_KTN_ALT_DIAGPATH
941 char [] (String) alt_diagpath - Alternate diagnostic data directory path configuration parameter
alternate_auth_enc 6 No No Low SQLF_KTN_ALTERNATE_AUTH_ENC 938 Uint16 alternate_auth_enc - Alternate encryption algorithm for incoming connections at server configuration parameter
aslheapsz No No High SQLF_KTN_ASLHEAPSZ 15 Uint32 aslheapsz - Application support layer heap size configuration parameter
audit_buf_sz No No High SQLF_KTN_AUDIT_BUF_SZ 312 Sint32 audit_buf_sz - Audit buffer size configuration parameter
authentication No No Low SQLF_KTN_AUTHENTICATION 78 Uint16 authentication - Authentication type configuration parameter
catalog_noauth Yes No None SQLF_KTN_CATALOG_NOAUTH 314 Uint16 catalog_noauth - Cataloging allowed without authority configuration parameter
cf_diaglevel No No None SQLF_KTN_CF_DIAGLEVEL 968 Uint16 cf_diaglevel - diagnostic error capture level configuration parameter for the CF
cf_diagpath No No None SQLF_KTN_CF_DIAGPATH
969 char(215) cf_diagpath - diagnostic data directory path configuration parameter for the CF
cf_mem_sz No Yes High SQLF_KTN_CF_MEM_SZ 960 Uint32 cf_mem_sz - CF memory configuration parameter
cf_num_conns Yes Yes High SQLF_KTN_CF_NUM_CONNS 966 Uint32 cf_num_conns - Number of CF connections per member per CF configuration parameter
cf_num_workers No Yes High SQLF_KTN_CF_NUM_WORKERS 961 Uint32 cf_num_workers - Number of worker threads configuration parameter
cf_transport_method No Yes High SQLF_KTN_CF_TRANSPORT_METHOD 10126 Uint16 cf_transport_method - Network transport method configuration parameter
clnt_krb_plugin No No None SQLF_KTN_CLNT_KRB_PLUGIN 812 char(33) clnt_krb_plugin - Client Kerberos plug-in configuration parameter
clnt_pw_plugin No No None SQLF_KTN_CLNT_PW_PLUGIN 811 char(33) clnt_pw_plugin - Client userid-password plug-in configuration parameter
cluster_mgr No No None SQLF_KTN_CLUSTER_MGR 920 char(262) cluster_mgr - Cluster manager name configuration parameter
comm_bandwidth Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_COMM_BANDWIDTH 307 float comm_bandwidth - Communications bandwidth configuration parameter
comm_exit_list No No Low SQLF_KTN_COMM_EXIT_LIST 10121 char(129) comm_exit_list - Communication exit library list configuration parameter
conn_elapse Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_CONN_ELAPSE 508 Uint16 conn_elapse - Connection elapse time configuration parameter
cpuspeed Yes No High SQLF_KTN_CPUSPEED 42 float cpuspeed - CPU speed configuration parameter
dft_account_str Yes No None SQLF_KTN_DFT_ACCOUNT_STR 28 char(25) dft_account_str - Default charge-back account configuration parameter
  • dft_mon_bufpool
  • dft_mon_lock
  • dft_mon_sort
  • dft_mon_stmt
  • dft_mon_table
  • dft_mon_timestamp
  • dft_mon_uow
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 31
  • 32
  • 36
  • 30
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
  • Uint16
dft_monswitches - Default database system monitor switches configuration parameter
dftdbpath Yes No None SQLF_KTN_DFTDBPATH 27 char(215) dftdbpath - Default database path configuration parameter
diaglevel Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_DIAGLEVEL 64 Uint16 diaglevel - Diagnostic error capture level configuration parameter
diagpath Yes No None SQLF_KTN_DIAGPATH
65 char(215) diagpath - Diagnostic data directory path configuration parameter
diagsz No No Medium SQLF_KTN_DIAGSZ 939 Uint64 diagsize - Rotating diagnostic and administration notification logs configuration parameter
dir_cache No No Medium SQLF_KTN_DIR_CACHE 40 Uint16 dir_cache - Directory cache support configuration parameter
discover3 No No Medium SQLF_KTN_DISCOVER 304 Uint16 discover - Discovery mode configuration parameter
discover_inst Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_DISCOVER_INST 308 Uint16 discover_inst - Discover server instance configuration parameter
fcm_num_buffers Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_FCM_NUM_BUFFERS 503 Uint32 fcm_num_buffers - Number of FCM buffers configuration parameter
fcm_num_channels Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_FCM_NUM_CHANNELS 902 Uint32 fcm_num_channels - Number of FCM channels configuration parameter
fcm_parallelism No No High SQLF_KTN_FCM_NUM_PARALLELISM 848 Sint32 fcm_parallelism - Internode communication parallelism configuration parameter
fed_noauth Yes No None SQLF_KTN_FED_NOAUTH 806 Uint16 fed_noauth - Bypass federated authentication configuration parameter
federated Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_FEDERATED 604 Sint16 federated - Federated database system support configuration parameter
federated_async Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_FEDERATED_ASYNC 849 Sint32 federated_async - Maximum asynchronous TQs per query configuration parameter
fenced_pool Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_FENCED_POOL 80 Sint32 fenced_pool - Maximum number of fenced processes configuration parameter
group_plugin No No None SQLF_KTN_GROUP_PLUGIN 810 char(33) group_plugin - Group plug-in configuration parameter
health_mon Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_HEALTH_MON 804 Uint16 health_mon - Health monitoring configuration parameter
indexrec4 Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_INDEXREC 20 Uint16 indexrec - Index re-creation time configuration parameter
instance_memory Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_INSTANCE_MEMORY 803 Uint64 instance_memory - Instance memory configuration parameter
intra_parallel No No High SQLF_KTN_INTRA_PARALLEL 306 Sint16 intra_parallel - Enable intrapartition parallelism configuration parameter
java_heap_sz No No High SQLF_KTN_JAVA_HEAP_SZ 310 Sint32 java_heap_sz - Maximum Java interpreter heap size configuration parameter
jdk_path No No None SQLF_KTN_JDK_PATH 311 char(255) jdk_path - Software Developer's Kit for Java installation path configuration parameter
keepfenced No No Medium SQLF_KTN_KEEPFENCED 81 Uint16 keepfenced - Keep fenced process configuration parameter
local_gssplugin No No None SQLF_KTN_LOCAL_GSSPLUGIN 816 char(33) local_gssplugin - GSS API plug-in used for local instance level authorization configuration parameter
max_connections Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_MAX_CONNECTIONS 802 Sint32 max_connections - Maximum number of client connections configuration parameter
max_connretries Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_MAX_CONNRETRIES 509 Uint16 max_connretries - Node connection retries configuration parameter
max_coordagents Yes Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_MAX_COORDAGENTS 501 Sint32 max_coordagents - Maximum number of coordinating agents configuration parameter
max_querydegree Yes No High SQLF_KTN_MAX_QUERYDEGREE 303 Sint32 max_querydegree - Maximum query degree of parallelism configuration parameter
max_time_diff No No Medium SQLF_KTN_MAX_TIME_DIFF 510 Uint16 max_time_diff - Maximum time difference between members configuration parameter
mon_heap_sz Yes Yes Low SQLF_KTN_MON_HEAP_SZ 79 Uint16 mon_heap_sz - Database system monitor heap size configuration parameter
notifylevel Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_NOTIFYLEVEL 605 Sint16 notifylevel - Notify level configuration parameter
num_initagents No No Medium SQLF_KTN_NUM_INITAGENTS 500 Uint32 num_initagents - Initial number of agents in pool configuration parameter
num_initfenced No No Medium SQLF_KTN_NUM_INITFENCED 601 Sint32 num_initfenced - Initial number of fenced processes configuration parameter
num_poolagents Yes Yes High SQLF_KTN_NUM_POOLAGENTS 502 Sint32 num_poolagents - Agent pool size configuration parameter
numdb No No Low SQLF_KTN_NUMDB 6 Uint16 numdb - Maximum number of concurrently active databases including host and System i databases configuration parameter
query_heap_sz No No Medium SQLF_KTN_QUERY_HEAP_SZ 49 Sint32 query_heap_sz - Query heap size configuration parameter
rstrt_light_mem No Yes Medium SQLF_KTN_RSTRT_LIGHT_MEM 967 Uint16 rstrt_light_mem - Restart light memory configuration parameter
resync_interval No No None SQLF_KTN_RESYNC_INTERVAL 68 Uint16 resync_interval - Transaction resync interval configuration parameter
rqrioblk No No High SQLF_KTN_RQRIOBLK 1 Uint16 rqrioblk - Client I/O block size configuration parameter
sheapthres No No High SQLF_KTN_SHEAPTHRES 21 Uint32 sheapthres - Sort heap threshold configuration parameter
spm_log_file_sz No No Low SQLF_KTN_SPM_LOG_FILE_SZ 90 Sint32 spm_log_file_sz - Sync point manager log file size configuration parameter
spm_log_path No No Medium SQLF_KTN_SPM_LOG_PATH 313 char(226) spm_log_path - Sync point manager log file path configuration parameter
spm_max_resync No No Low SQLF_KTN_SPM_MAX_RESYNC 91 Sint32 spm_max_resync - Sync point manager resync agent limit configuration parameter
spm_name No No None SQLF_KTN_SPM_NAME 92 char(8) spm_name - Sync point manager name configuration parameter
srvcon_auth No No None SQLF_KTN_SRVCON_AUTH 815 Uint16 srvcon_auth - Authentication type for incoming connections at the server configuration parameter
srvcon_gssplugin_list No No None SQLF_KTN_SRVCON_GSSPLUGIN_ LIST 814 char(256) srvcon_gssplugin_list - List of GSS API plug-ins for incoming connections at the server configuration parameter
srv_plugin_mode No No None SQLF_KTN_SRV_PLUGIN_MODE 809 Uint16 srv_plugin_mode - Server plug-in mode configuration parameter
srvcon_pw_plugin No No None SQLF_KTN_SRVCON_PW_PLUGIN 813 char(33) srvcon_pw_plugin - Userid-password plug-in for incoming connections at the server configuration parameter
ssl_svr_keydb No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_SVR_KEYDB 930 char(1023) ssl_svr_keydb - SSL key file path for incoming SSL connections at the server configuration parameter
ssl_svr_stash No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_SVR_STASH 931 char(1023) ssl_svr_stash - SSL stash file path for incoming SSL connections at the server configuration parameter
ssl_svr_label No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_SVR_LABEL 932 char(1023) ssl_svr_label - Label in the key file for incoming SSL connections at the server configuration parameter
ssl_svcename No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_SVCENAME 933 char(14) ssl_svcename - SSL service name configuration parameter
ssl_cipherspecs No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_CIPHERSPECS 934 char(255) ssl_cipherspecs - Supported cipher specifications at the server configuration parameter
ssl_versions No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_VERSIONS 935 char(255) ssl_versions - Supported SSL versions at the server configuration parameter
ssl_clnt_keydb No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_CLNT_KEYDB 936 char(1023) ssl_clnt_keydb - SSL key file path for outbound SSL connections at the client configuration parameter
ssl_clnt_stash No No None SQLF_KTN_SSL_CLNT_STASH 937 char(1023) ssl_clnt_stash - SSL stash file path for outbound SSL connections at the client configuration parameter
start_stop_time Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_START_STOP_TIME 511 Uint16 start_stop_time - Start and stop timeout configuration parameter
svcename No No None SQLF_KTN_SVCENAME 24 char(14) svcename - TCP/IP service name configuration parameter
sysadm_group No No None SQLF_KTN_SYSADM_GROUP 39 char(128) sysadm_group - System administration authority group name configuration parameter
sysctrl_group No No None SQLF_KTN_SYSCTRL_GROUP 63 char(128) sysctrl_group - System control authority group name configuration parameter
sysmaint_group No No None SQLF_KTN_SYSMAINT_GROUP 62 char(128) sysmaint_group - System maintenance authority group name configuration parameter
sysmon_group No No None SQLF_KTN_SYSMON_GROUP 808 char(128) sysmon_group - System monitor authority group name configuration parameter
tm_database No No None SQLF_KTN_TM_DATABASE 67 char(8) tm_database - Transaction manager database name configuration parameter
tp_mon_name No No None SQLF_KTN_TP_MON_NAME 66 char(19) tp_mon_name - Transaction processor monitor name configuration parameter
trust_allclnts5 No No None SQLF_KTN_TRUST_ALLCLNTS 301 Uint16 trust_allclnts - Trust all clients configuration parameter
trust_clntauth No No None SQLF_KTN_TRUST_CLNTAUTH 302 Uint16 trust_clntauth - Trusted clients authentication configuration parameter
util_impact_lim Yes No High SQLF_KTN_UTIL_IMPACT_LIM 807 Uint32 util_impact_lim - Instance impact policy configuration parameter
wlm_dispatcher Yes No Medium SQLF_KTN_WLM_DISPATCHER 976 Uint16 wlm_dispatcher - Workload management dispatcher configuration parameter
wlm_disp_concur Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_WLM_DISP_CONCUR 977 Sint16 wlm_disp_concur - Workload manager dispatcher thread concurrency configuration parameter
wlm_disp_cpu_shares Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_WLM_DISP_CPU_SHARES 979 Uint16 wlm_disp_cpu_shares - Workload manager dispatcher CPU shares configuration parameter
wlm_disp_min_util Yes No Low SQLF_KTN_WLM_DISP_MIN_UTIL 978 Uint16 wlm_disp_min_util - Workload manager dispatcher minimum CPU utilization configuration parameter

Please look at the header files sqlenv.h and sqlutil.h for the valid values and for the definitions used by the configuration parameters.

  1.   Bit 1 (xxxx xxx1): dft_mon_uow
      Bit 2 (xxxx xx1x): dft_mon_stmt
      Bit 3 (xxxx x1xx): dft_mon_table
      Bit 4 (xxxx 1xxx): dft_mon_buffpool
      Bit 5 (xxx1 xxxx): dft_mon_lock
      Bit 6 (xx1x xxxx): dft_mon_sort
      Bit 7 (x1xx xxxx): dft_mon_timestamp
  2. Valid values:
  3. Valid values:
  4. Valid values:
  5. Valid values:
Table 2. Informational Database Manager Configuration Parameters
Parameter Token Token Value Data Type Additional Information
curr_eff_arch_level SQLF_KTN_CURR_EFF_ARCH_LVL 10116 Uint64 cur_eff_arch_level - Current effective architecture level configuration parameter
curr_eff_code_level SQLF_KTN_CURR_EFF_CODE_LVL 10120 Uint64 cur_eff_code_level - Current effective code level configuration parameter
nodetype1 SQLF_KTN_NODETYPE 100 Uint16 nodetype - Instance node type configuration parameter
release SQLF_KTN_RELEASE 101 Uint16 release - Configuration file release level configuration parameter

Please look at the header files sqlenv.h and sqlutil.h for the valid values and for the definitions used by the configuration parameters.

  1. Valid values:
      SQLF_NT_SERVER (1)
      SQLF_NT_MPP (4)

Database Configuration Parameter Summary

The following table lists the parameters in the database configuration file. When changing the database configuration parameters, consider the detailed information for the parameter.

For some database configuration parameters, changes only take effect when the database is reactivated. In these cases, all applications must first disconnect from the database. (If the database was activated, then it must be deactivated and reactivated.) The changes take effect at the next connection to the database. Other parameters can be changed online; these are called configurable online configuration parameters.

Refer to the Database Manager Configuration Parameter Summary section for a description of the "Auto.", "Perf. Impact", "Token", "Token Value", and "Data Type" columns.

The column "Member Cfg." only applies for a DB2 pureScale environment. While all database configuration parameters can be configured globally, the column indicates if a database configuration parameter is able to be configured on a per-member basis. For more information about the database configuration parameters that are configurable on a per-member basis, see DB2 pureScale Feature database configuration parameters.

The AUTOMATIC keyword is also supported on the UPDATE DB CFG command. In the following example, database_memory will be updated to AUTOMATIC and the database manager will use 20000 as a starting value when making further changes to this parameter:
db2 update db cfg using for sample using database_memory 20000 automatic

Starting with Version 9.5, you can update and reset database configuration parameter values across some or all partitions without having to issue the db2_all command, or without having to update or reset each partition individually. For details, see Configuring databases across multiple partitions.

If a database is created by either the CREATE DATABASE, or the sqlecrea API, then the Configuration Advisor runs by default to update the database configuration parameters with automatically computed values. If a database is created by either the CREATE DATABASE command with the AUTOCONFIGURE APPLY NONE clause added, or the sqlecrea API specifies not to run the Configuration Advisor, then the configuration parameters are set to the default values.

Table 3. Configurable Database Configuration Parameters
Parameter Cfg. Online Auto. Member Cfg. Perf. Impact Token Token Value Data Type Additional Information
alt_collate No No No None SQLF_DBTN_ALT_COLLATE 809 Uint32 alt_collate - Alternate collating sequence configuration parameter
applheapsz Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_APPLHEAPSZ 51 Uint16 applheapsz - Application heap size configuration parameter
appl_memory Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_APPL_MEMORY 904 Uint64 appl_memory - Application Memory configuration parameter
archretrydelay Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_ARCHRETRYDELAY 828 Uint16 archretrydelay - Archive retry delay on error configuration parameter
  • auto_maint
  • auto_db_backup
  • auto_tbl_maint
  • auto_runstats
  • auto_stmt_stats
  • auto_stats_views
  • auto_reorg
Yes No No Medium
  • 831
  • 833
  • 835
  • 837
  • 905
  • 980
  • 841
Uint32 auto_maint - Automatic maintenance configuration parameter
auto_del_rec_obj Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ 912 Uint16 auto_del_rec_obj - Automated deletion of recovery objects configuration parameter
autorestart Yes No No Low SQLF_DBTN_AUTO_RESTART 25 Uint16 autorestart - Auto restart enable configuration parameter
auto_reval Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_AUTO_REVAL 920 Uint16 auto_reval - Automatic revalidation and invalidation configuration parameter
avg_appls Yes Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_AVG_APPLS 47 Uint16 avg_appls - Average number of active applications configuration parameter
blk_log_dsk_ful Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_BLK_LOG_DSK_FUL 804 Uint16 blk_log_dsk_ful - Block on log disk full configuration parameter
blocknonlogged Yes No Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_BLOCKNONLOGGED 940 Uint16 blocknonlogged - Block creation of tables that allow non-logged activity configuration parameter
catalogcache_sz Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_CATALOGCACHE_SZ 56 Uint32 catalogcache_sz - Catalog cache size configuration parameter
cf_catchup_trgt Yes Yes No High SQLF_DBTN_CF_CATCHUP_TRGT 970 Uint16 cf_catchup_trgt - Target for catch up time of secondary cluster caching facility configuration parameter
cf_db_mem_sz Yes Yes No Low SQLF_DBTN_CF_DB_MEM_SZ 923 Uint32 cf_db_mem_sz - Database memory configuration parameter
cf_gbp_sz Yes Yes No High SQLF_DBTN_CF_GBP_SZ 920 Uint32 cf_gbp_sz - Group buffer pool configuration parameter
cf_lock_sz Yes Yes No High SQLF_DBTN_CF_LOCK_SZ 921 Uint32 cf_lock_sz - CF Lock manager configuration parameter
cf_sca_sz Yes Yes No High SQLF_DBTN_CF_SCA_SZ 922 Uint32 cf_sca_sz - Shared communication area configuration parameter
chngpgs_thresh No No Yes High SQLF_DBTN_CHNGPGS_THRESH 38 Uint16 chngpgs_thresh - Changed pages threshold configuration parameter
connect_proc Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_CONNECT_PROC 954 char(257) connect_proc - Connect procedure name database configuration parameter
cur_commit No No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_CUR_COMMIT 917 Uint32 cur_commit - Currently committed configuration parameter
database_memory Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DATABASE_MEMORY 803 Uint64 database_memory - Database shared memory size configuration parameter
dbheap Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DB_HEAP 58 Uint64 dbheap - Database heap configuration parameter
db_mem_thresh Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DB_MEM_THRESH 849 Uint16 db_mem_thresh - Database memory threshold configuration parameter
decflt_rounding No No No None SQLF_DBTN_DECFLT_ROUNDING 913 Uint16 decflt_rounding - Decimal floating point rounding configuration parameter
dec_to_char_fmt Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DEC_TO_CHAR_FMT
  • 0: V95
  • 1: NEW
Uint16 dec_to_char_fmt - Decimal to character function configuration parameter
dft_degree Yes No Yes High SQLF_DBTN_DFT_DEGREE 301 Sint32 dft_degree - Default degree configuration parameter
dft_extent_sz Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_EXTENT_SZ 54 Uint32 dft_extent_sz - Default extent size of table spaces configuration parameter
dft_loadrec_ses Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_LOADREC_SES 42 Sint16 dft_loadrec_ses - Default number of load recovery sessions configuration parameter
dft_mttb_types No No No None SQLF_DBTN_DFT_MTTB_TYPES 843 Uint32 dft_mttb_types - Default maintained table types for optimization configuration parameter
dft_prefetch_sz Yes Yes No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_PREFETCH_SZ 40 Sint16 dft_prefetch_sz - Default prefetch size configuration parameter
dft_queryopt Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_QUERYOPT 57 Sint32 dft_queryopt - Default query optimization class configuration parameter
dft_refresh_age No No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_REFRESH_AGE 702 char(22) dft_refresh_age - Default refresh age configuration parameter
dft_schemas_dcc Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_SCHEMAS_DCC 10115 Uint16 dft_schemas_dcc - Default data capture on new schemas configuration parameter
dft_table_org Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DFT_TABLE_ORG 10126 Uint16 dft_table_org - Default table organization
discover_db Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DISCOVER 308 Uint16 discover_db - Discover database configuration parameter
dlchktime Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_DLCHKTIME 9 Uint32 dlchktime - Time interval for checking deadlock configuration parameter
enable_xmlchar Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_ENABLE_XMLCHAR 853 Uint32 enable_xmlchar - Enable conversion to XML configuration parameter
encrlib Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_ENCRLIB 10142 char(255) encrlib - Encryption library configuration parameter
encropts Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_ENCROPTS 10141 char(255) encropts - Encryption options configuration parameter
extended_row_sz Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_LARGE_ROW_SZ 10131 Unsigned short extended_row_sz - Extended row size configuration parameter
failarchpath Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_FAILARCHPATH 826 char(243) failarchpath - Failover log archive path configuration parameter
hadr_local_host No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_LOCAL_HOST 811 char(256) hadr_local_host - HADR local host name configuration parameter
hadr_local_svc No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_LOCAL_SVC 812 char(41) hadr_local_svc - HADR local service name configuration parameter
hadr_peer_window No No N/A Low (see Note 3) SQLF_DBTN_HADR_PEER_WINDOW 914 Uint32 hadr_peer_window - HADR peer window configuration parameter
hadr_remote_host No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_REMOTE_HOST 813 char(2048) hadr_remote_host - HADR remote host name configuration parameter
hadr_remote_inst No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_REMOTE_INST 815 char(9) hadr_remote_inst - HADR instance name of the remote server configuration parameter
hadr_remote_svc No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_REMOTE_SVC 814 char(41) hadr_remote_svc - HADR remote service name configuration parameter
hadr_replay_delay Yes No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_REPLAY_DELAY 10119 Sint32 hadr_replay_delay - HADR replay delay configuration parameter
hadr_spool_limit Yes No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_SPOOL_LIMIT 10112 Sint32 hadr_spool_limit - HADR log spool limit configuration parameter
hadr_syncmode No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_SYNCMODE 817 Uint32 hadr_syncmode - HADR synchronization mode for log writes in peer state configuration parameter
hadr_target_list Yes No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_TARGET_LIST 10114 char(2048) hadr_target_list - HADR target list database configuration parameter
hadr_timeout No No N/A None SQLF_DBTN_HADR_TIMEOUT 816 Uint32 hadr_timeout - HADR timeout value configuration parameter
indexrec2 Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_INDEXREC 30 Uint16 indexrec - Index re-creation time configuration parameter
locklist Yes Yes Yes High when it affects escala- tion SQLF_DBTN_LOCK_LIST 704 Uint64 locklist - Maximum storage for lock list configuration parameter
locktimeout No No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_LOCKTIMEOUT 34 Sint16 locktimeout - Lock timeout configuration parameter
log_appl_info No No N/A Low SQLF_DBTN_LOG_APPL_INFO 10111 Uint32 log_appl_info - Application information log record database configuration parameter
log_ddl_stmts Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_LOG_DDL_STMTS 10110 Uint32 log_ddl_stmts - Log Data Definition Language (DDL) statements database configuration parameter
logarchcompr1 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHCOMPR1 10123 char(252) logarchcompr1 - Primary archived log file compression configuration parameter
logarchcompr2 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHCOMPR2 10124 char(252) logarchcompr2 - Secondary archived log file compression configuration parameter
logarchmeth1 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHMETH1 822 char(252) logarchmeth1 - Primary log archive method configuration parameter
logarchmeth2 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHMETH2 823 char(252) logarchmeth2 - Secondary log archive method configuration parameter
logarchopt1 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHOPT1 824 char(243) logarchopt1 - Primary log archive options configuration parameter
logarchopt2 Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_LOGARCHOPT2 825 char(243) logarchopt2 - Secondary log archive options configuration parameter
logbufsz No No Yes High SQLF_DBTN_LOGBUFSZ 33 Uint16 logbufsz - Log buffer size configuration parameter
logfilsiz No No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_LOGFIL_SIZ 92 Uint32 logfilsiz - Size of log files configuration parameter
logindexbuild Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_LOGINDEXBUILD 818 Uint32 logindexbuild - Log index pages created configuration parameter
logprimary No No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_LOGPRIMARY 16 Uint16 logprimary - Number of primary log files configuration parameter
logsecond Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_LOGSECOND 17 Uint16 logsecond - Number of secondary log files configuration parameter
max_log Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MAX_LOG 807 Uint16 max_log - Maximum log per transaction configuration parameter
maxappls Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MAXAPPLS 6 Uint16 maxappls - Maximum number of active applications configuration parameter
maxfilop Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MAXFILOP 3 Uint16 maxfilop - Maximum database files open per database
maxlocks Yes Yes Yes High when it affects escala- tion SQLF_DBTN_MAXLOCKS 15 Uint16 maxlocks - Maximum percent of lock list before escalation configuration parameter
min_dec_div_3 No No No High SQLF_DBTN_MIN_DEC_DIV_3 605 Sint32 min_dec_div_3 - Decimal division scale to 3 configuration parameter
mincommit Yes No Yes High SQLF_DBTN_MINCOMMIT 32 Uint16 mincommit - Number of commits to group configuration parameter
mirrorlogpath No No No Low SQLF_DBTN_MIRRORLOGPATH 806 char(242) mirrorlogpath - Mirror log path configuration parameter
mon_act_metrics Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_ACT_METRICS 931 Uint16 mon_act_metrics - Monitoring activity metrics configuration parameter
mon_deadlock Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_DEADLOCK 934 Uint16 mon_deadlock - Monitoring deadlock configuration parameter
mon_locktimeout Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_LOCKTIMEOUT 933 Uint16 mon_locktimeout - Monitoring lock timeout configuration parameter
mon_lockwait Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_LOCKWAIT 935 Uint16 mon_lockwait - Monitoring lock wait configuration parameter
mon_lw_thresh Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_LW_THRESH 936 Uint32 mon_lw_thresh - Monitoring lock wait threshold configuration parameter
mon_lck_msg_lvl Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_MON_LCK_MSG_LVL 951 Uint16 mon_lck_msg_lvl - Monitoring lock event notification messages configuration parameter
mon_obj_metrics Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_OBJ_METRICS 937 Uint16 mon_obj_metrics - Monitoring object metrics configuration parameter
mon_pkglist_sz Yes No Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_MON_PKGLIST_SZ 950 Uint32 mon_pkglist_sz - Monitoring package list size configuration parameter
mon_req_metrics Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_REQ_METRICS 930 Uint16 mon_req_metrics - Monitoring request metrics configuration parameter
mon_rtn_data Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_RTN_DATA 10130 Uint16 mon_rtn_data - Monitoring routine capture configuration parameter
mon_rtn_execlist Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_RTN_EXECLIST 10128 Uint16 mon_rtn_execlist - Monitoring routine executable list configuration parameter
mon_uow_data Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_UOW_DATA 932 Uint16 mon_uow_data - Monitoring unit of work events configuration parameter
mon_uow_execlist Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_UOW_EXECLIST 957 Uint16 mon_uow_execlist - Monitoring unit of work events with executable list configuration parameter
mon_uow_pkglist Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_MON_UOW_PKGLIST 956 Uint16 mon_uow_pkglist - Monitoring unit of work events with package list configuration parameter
nchar_mapping Yes No No Low SQLF_DBTN_NCHAR_MAPPING 10133 Uint16 nchar_mapping - National character mapping configuration parameter
newlogpath No No No Low SQLF_DBTN_NEWLOGPATH 20 char(242) newlogpath - Change the database log path configuration parameter
num_db_backups Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_NUM_DB_BACKUPS 601 Uint16 num_db_backups - Number of database backups configuration parameter
num_freqvalues Yes No No Low SQLF_DBTN_NUM_FREQVALUES 36 Uint16 num_freqvalues - Number of frequent values retained configuration parameter
num_iocleaners No Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_NUM_IOCLEANERS 37 Uint16 num_iocleaners - Number of asynchronous page cleaners configuration parameter
num_ioservers No Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_NUM_IOSERVERS 39 Uint16 num_ioservers - Number of I/O servers configuration parameter
num_log_span Yes Yes Yes   SQLF_DBTN_NUM_LOG_SPAN 808 Uint16 num_log_span - Number log span configuration parameter
num_quantiles Yes No Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_NUM_QUANTILES 48 Uint16 num_quantiles - Number of quantiles for columns configuration parameter
numarchretry Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_NUMARCHRETRY 827 Uint16 numarchretry - Number of retries on error configuration parameter
overflowlogpath Yes No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_OVERFLOWLOGPATH 805 char(242) overflowlogpath - Overflow log path configuration parameter
page_age_trgt_gcr No No No High SQLF_DBTN_PAGE_AGE_TARGET_GCR 10136 Unsigned short page_age_trgt_gcr - Page age target group crash recovery configuration parameter
page_age_trgt_mcr No No No High SQLF_DBTN_PAGE_AGE_TARGET_MCR 10137 Unsigned short page_age_trgt_mcr - Page age target member crash recovery configuration parameter
pckcachesz Yes Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_PCKCACHE_SZ 505 Uint32 pckcachesz - Package cache size configuration parameter
rec_his_retentn No No No None SQLF_DBTN_REC_HIS_RETENTN 43 Sint16 rec_his_retentn - Recovery history retention period configuration parameter
section_actuals Yes No No High SQLF_DBTN_SECTION_ACTUALS 952 Uint64 section_actuals - Section actuals configuration parameter
self_tuning_mem Yes No Yes High SQLF_DBTN_SELF_TUNING_MEM 848 Uint16 self_tuning_mem- Self-tuning memory configuration parameter
seqdetect Yes No No High SQLF_DBTN_SEQDETECT 41 Uint16 seqdetect - Sequential detection and readahead flag configuration parameter
sheapthres_shr Yes Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_SHEAPTHRES_SHR 802 Uint32 sheapthres_shr - Sort heap threshold for shared sorts configuration parameter
smtp_server Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_SMTP_SERVER 926 char [] (String) smtp_server - SMTP server database configuration parameter
softmax1 No No No Medium SQLF_DBTN_SOFTMAX 5 Uint16 softmax - Recovery range and soft checkpoint interval configuration parameter
sortheap Yes Yes Yes High SQLF_DBTN_SORT_HEAP 52 Uint32 sortheap - Sort heap size configuration parameter
sql_ccflags Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_SQL_CCFLAGS 927 char(1023) sql_ccflags - Conditional compilation flags configuration parameter
stat_heap_sz Yes Yes Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_STAT_HEAP_SZ 45 Uint32 stat_heap_sz - Statistics heap size configuration parameter
stmt_conc Yes No Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_STMT_CONC 919 Uint32 stmt_conc - Statement concentrator configuration parameter
stmtheap Yes Yes Yes Medium SQLF_DBTN_STMT_HEAP 821 Uint32 stmtheap - Statement heap size configuration parameter
string_units Yes No No Low SQLF_DBTN_STRING_UNITS 10132 Uint16 string_units - Default string units configuration parameter
systime_period_adj Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_SYSTIME_PERIOD_ADJ 955 Uint16 systime_period_adj - Adjust temporal SYSTEM_TIME period database configuration parameter
trackmod No No No Low SQLF_DBTN_TRACKMOD 703 Uint16 trackmod - Track modified pages enable configuration parameter
tsm_mgmtclass Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_TSM_MGMTCLASS 307 char(30) tsm_mgmtclass - Tivoli Storage Manager management class configuration parameter
tsm_nodename Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_TSM_NODENAME 306 char(64) tsm_nodename - Tivoli Storage Manager node name configuration parameter
tsm_owner Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_TSM_OWNER 305 char(64) tsm_owner - Tivoli Storage Manager owner name configuration parameter
tsm_password Yes No Yes None SQLF_DBTN_TSM_PASSWORD 501 char(64) tsm_password - Tivoli Storage Manager password configuration parameter
util_heap_sz Yes Yes Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_UTIL_HEAP_SZ 55 Uint32 util_heap_sz - Utility heap size configuration parameter
vendoropt Yes No No None SQLF_DBTN_VENDOROPT 829 char(242) vendoropt - Vendor options configuration parameter<
wlm_collect_int Yes No Yes Low SQLF_DBTN_WLM_COLLECT_INT 907 Sint32 wlm_collect_int - Workload management collection interval configuration parameter
Important: The softmax database configuration parameter is deprecated is deprecated in Version 10.5 and might be removed in a future release. For more information, see Some database configuration parameters are deprecated.

Please look at the header files sqlenv.h and sqlutil.h for the valid values and for the definitions used by the configuration parameters.

  1. The bits of SQLF_DBTN_AUTONOMIC_SWITCHES indicate the default settings for a number of auto-maintenance configuration parameters. The individual bits making up this composite parameter are:
    Default => Bit 1 on (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx1): auto_maint
    Bit 2 off (xxxx xxxx xxxx xx0x): auto_db_backup 
    Bit 3 on  (xxxx xxxx xxxx x1xx): auto_tbl_maint 
    Bit 4 on  (xxxx xxxx xxxx 1xxx): auto_runstats 
    Bit 5 off (xxxx xxxx xxx0 xxxx): auto_stats_prof 
    Bit 6 off (xxxx xxxx xx0x xxxx): auto_prof_upd 
    Bit 7 off (xxxx xxxx x0xx xxxx): auto_reorg 
    Bit 8 off (xxxx xxxx 0xxx xxxx): auto_storage 
    Bit 9 off (xxxx xxx0 xxxx xxxx): auto_stmt_stats 
    0 0 0 D  
    Maximum => Bit 1 on (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx1): auto_maint 
    Bit 2 off (xxxx xxxx xxxx xx1x): auto_db_backup 
    Bit 3 on  (xxxx xxxx xxxx x1xx): auto_tbl_maint 
    Bit 4 on  (xxxx xxxx xxxx 1xxx): auto_runstats 
    Bit 5 off (xxxx xxxx xxx1 xxxx): auto_stats_prof 
    Bit 6 off (xxxx xxxx xx1x xxxx): auto_prof_upd 
    Bit 7 off (xxxx xxxx x1xx xxxx): auto_reorg 
    Bit 8 off (xxxx xxxx 1xxx xxxx): auto_storage 
    Bit 9 off (xxxx xxx1 xxxx xxxx): auto_stmt_stats 
    0 1 F F
    Note: The auto_stats_prof and auto_prof_upd parameters are discontinued in Version 10.5. For more information, see Some database configuration parameters are deprecated or discontinued.
  2. Valid values:
  3. If you set the hadr_peer_window parameter to a nonzero time value, then the primary database might seem to hang on transactions when it is in disconnected peer state, because it is waiting for confirmation from the standby database even though it is not connected to the standby database.
Table 4. Informational Database Configuration Parameters
Parameter Token Token Value Data Type Additional Information
backup_pending SQLF_DBTN_BACKUP_PENDING 112 Uint16 backup_pending - Backup pending indicator configuration parameter
codepage SQLF_DBTN_CODEPAGE 101 Uint16 codepage - Code page for the database configuration parameter
codeset SQLF_DBTN_CODESET 120 char(9)1 codeset - Codeset for the database configuration parameter
collate_info SQLF_DBTN_COLLATE_INFO 44 char(260) collate_info - Collating information configuration parameter
country/region SQLF_DBTN_COUNTRY 100 Uint16 country/region - Database territory code configuration parameter
database_consistent SQLF_DBTN_CONSISTENT 111 Uint16 database_consistent - Database is consistent configuration parameter
database_level SQLF_DBTN_DATABASE_LEVEL 124 Uint16 database_level - Database release level configuration parameter
date_compat SQLF_DBTN_DATE_COMPAT 918 Uint16 date_compat - Date compatibility database configuration parameter
hadr_db_role SQLF_DBTN_HADR_DB_ROLE 810 Uint32 hadr_db_role - HADR database role configuration parameter
log_retain_status SQLF_DBTN_LOG_RETAIN_STATUS 114 Uint16 log_retain_status - Log retain status indicator configuration parameter
loghead SQLF_DBTN_LOGHEAD 105 char(12) loghead - First active log file configuration parameter
logpath SQLF_DBTN_LOGPATH 103 char(242) logpath - Location of log files configuration parameter
multipage_alloc SQLF_DBTN_MULTIPAGE_ALLOC 506 Uint16 multipage_alloc - Multipage file allocation enabled configuration parameter
numsegs SQLF_DBTN_NUMSEGS 122 Uint16 numsegs - Default number of SMS containers configuration parameter
pagesize SQLF_DBTN_PAGESIZE 846 Uint32 pagesize - Database default page size
release SQLF_DBTN_RELEASE 102 Uint16 release - Configuration file release level configuration parameter
restore_pending SQLF_DBTN_RESTORE_PENDING 503 Uint16 restore_pending - Restore pending configuration parameter
restrict_access SQLF_DBTN_RESTRICT_ACCESS 852 Sint32 restrict_access - Database has restricted access configuration parameter
rollfwd_pending SQLF_DBTN_ROLLFWD_PENDING 113 Uint16 rollfwd_pending - Roll forward pending indicator configuration parameter
suspend_io SQLF_DBTN_SUSPEND_IO 953 Uint16 suspend_io - Database I/O operations state configuration parameter
territory SQLF_DBTN_TERRITORY 121 char(5)2 territory - Database territory configuration parameter
user_exit_status SQLF_DBTN_USER_EXIT_STATUS 115 Uint16 user_exit_status - User exit status indicator configuration parameter
  1. char(17) on AIX®, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris operating systems.
  2. char(33) on AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

DB2 Administration Server (DAS) Configuration Parameter Summary

Important: The DB2 Administration Server (DAS) has been deprecated in Version 9.7 and might be removed in a future release. The DAS is not supported in DB2 pureScale environments. Use software programs that use the Secure Shell protocol for remote administration. For more information, see DB2 administration server (DAS) has been deprecated .
Table 5. DAS Configuration Parameters
Parameter Parameter Type Additional Information
authentication Configurable authentication - Authentication type DAS configuration parameter
contact_host Configurable Online contact_host - Location of contact list configuration parameter
das_codepage Configurable Online das_codepage - DAS code page configuration parameter
das_territory Configurable Online das_territory - DAS territory configuration parameter
dasadm_group Configurable sy
db2system Configurable Online db2system - Name of the DB2 server system configuration parameter
discover Configurable Online discover - DAS discovery mode configuration parameter
exec_exp_task Configurable exec_exp_task - Execute expired tasks configuration parameter
jdk_64_path Configurable Online jdk_64_path - 64-Bit Software Developer's Kit for Java installation path DAS configuration parameter
jdk_path Configurable Online jdk_path - Software Developer's Kit for Java installation path DAS configuration parameter
sched_enable Configurable sched_enable - Scheduler mode configuration parameter
sched_userid Informational sched_userid - Scheduler user ID configuration parameter
smtp_server Configurable Online smtp_server - SMTP server DAS configuration parameter
toolscat_db Configurable toolscat_db - Tools catalog database configuration parameter
toolscat_inst Configurable toolscat_inst - Tools catalog database instance configuration parameter
toolscat_schema Configurable toolscat_schema - Tools catalog database schema configuration parameter

Ingest Utility Configuration Parameter Summary

Table 6. Ingest Utility Configuration Parameters
Parameter Parameter Type Additional Information
commit_count Configurable commit_count - Commit count configuration parameter
commit_period Configurable commit_period - Commit period configuration parameter
num_flushers_per_partition Configurable num_flushers_per_partition - Number of flushers per database partition configuration parameter
num_formatters Configurable num_formatters - Number of formatters configuration parameter
pipe_timeout Configurable pipe_timeout - Pipe timeout configuration parameter
retry_count Configurable retry_count - Retry count configuration parameter
retry_period Configurable retry_period - Retry period configuration parameter
shm_max_size Configurable shm_max_size - Maximum size of shared memory configuration parameter

Configuration parameter section headings

Each of the configuration parameter descriptions contain some or all of the following section headings, as applicable. In some cases they are mutually exclusive, for example, valid values are not needed if the [range] is specified. In most cases, these headings are self-explanatory.
Table 7. Description of the configuration parameter section headings
Section heading Description and possible values
Configuration type Possible values are:
  • Database manager
  • Database
  • DB2 Administration Server
Applies to If applicable, lists the data server types that the configuration parameter applies to. Possible values are:
  • Client
  • Database server with local and remote clients
  • Database server with local clients
  • DB2 Administration Server
  • OLAP functions
  • Partitioned database server with local and remote clients
  • Partitioned database server with local and remote clients when federation is enabled.
  • Satellite database server with local clients
Parameter type Possible values are:
  • Configurable (the database manager must be restarted to have the changes take effect)
  • Configurable online (can be dynamically updated online without having to restart the database manager)
  • Informational (values are for your information only and cannot be updated)
  • Configurable by member in a DB2 pureScale environment
Default [range] If applicable, lists the default value and the possible ranges, including NULL values or automatic settings. If the range differs by platform, then the values are listed by platform or platform type, for example, 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. Note that in most cases the default value is not listed as part of the range.
Unit of measure If applicable, lists the unit of measure. Possible values are:
  • Bytes
  • Counter
  • Megabytes per second
  • Milliseconds
  • Minutes
  • Pages (4 KB)
  • Percentage
  • Seconds
Valid values If applicable, lists the valid value. This heading is mutually exclusive with the default [range] heading.
Examples If applicable, lists examples.
Propagation class If applicable, possible values are:
  • Immediate
  • Statement boundary
  • Transaction boundary
  • Connection
When allocated If applicable, indicates when the configuration parameter is allocated by the database manager.
When freed If applicable, indicates when the configuration parameter is freed by the database manager.
Restrictions If applicable, lists any restrictions that apply to the configuration parameter.
Limitations If applicable, lists any limitations that apply to the configuration parameter.
Recommendations If applicable, lists any recommendations that apply to the configuration parameter.
Usage notes If applicable, lists any usage notes that apply to the configuration parameter.