DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

MON_GET_TABLESPACE_QUIESCER table function - Get information about quiesced table spaces

The MON_GET_TABLESPACE_QUIESCER table function returns information about quiesced table spaces. A single row is returned for each member.

Important: This routine is available starting with DB2® Cancun Release If your database was created before you applied DB2 Cancun Release, then this routine becomes available after you apply DB2 Cancun Release then issue the db2updv105 command. If your database was created before Version 10.5, upgrade to DB2 Cancun Release or later pack to have this routine available.


One of the following authorizations is required:
  • EXECUTE privilege on the routine
  • DATAACCESS authority
  • SQLADM authority
  • DBADM authority

Default PUBLIC privilege



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The schema is SYSPROC.

Routine parameters

An optional input argument of type SMALLINT that specifies a valid member in the same instance as the currently connected database when you call this function. Specify -1 for the current database member or -2 for all active database members. If the null value is specified, -1 is set.

Information returned

Usage notes

Use the MON_GET_TABLESPACE_QUIESCER table function in place of the SNAP_GET_TBSP_QUIESCER table function and SNAPTBSP_QUIESCER view, which have been deprecated.