DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Introduction to a DB2 pureScale environment

The IBM® DB2® pureScale® environment might help reduce the risk and cost associated with growing your distributed database solution by providing extreme capacity and application transparency. The DB2 pureScale environment is designed for continuous availability and is capable of exceeding even the strictest industry standard.

When workloads grow, does your distributed database system require you to change your applications or change how data is distributed? If so, your system does not scale transparently. Even simple application changes incur time and cost penalties and can pose risks to system availability. The stakes are always high: Every second lost in system availability can have a direct bearing on customer retention, compliance with service level agreements, and your bottom line.

With the DB2 pureScale Feature, scaling your database solution is simple. Multiple database servers, known as members, process incoming database requests; these members operate in a clustered system and share data. You can transparently add more members to scale out to meet even the most demanding business needs. There are no application changes to make, data to redistribute, or performance tuning to do.

To deliver on a design capable of exceptional levels of database availability, the DB2 pureScale Feature builds on familiar and proven design features from DB2 for z/OS® database software. By also integrating several advanced hardware and software technologies, the DB2 pureScale Feature supports the strictest requirements for high fault tolerance and can sustain processing of database requests even under extreme circumstances.

In the sections that follow, you can learn more about these design features, benefits, and continuous availability options of the DB2 pureScale Feature to meet your specific needs: