DB2 10.5 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows


Converts a DB2® database of the previous version to the formats corresponding to the release run by the instance.

The db2ckupgrade command must be issued before upgrading the instance to verify that your databases are ready for upgrade. The db2iupgrade command implicitly calls the db2ckupgrade. Backup all databases before upgrading, and before the installation of the current version of DB2 database product on Windows operating systems.



Required connection

This command establishes a database connection.

Command syntax

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   '-USER--username--+-----------------+-'  '-REBINDALL-'   

Command parameters

DATABASE database-alias
Specifies the alias of the database to be upgraded to the currently installed version of the database manager.
USER username
Identifies the user name under which the database is to be upgraded.
USING password
The password used to authenticate the user name. If the password is omitted, but a user name was specified, the user is prompted to enter it.
Specifies that a REBIND of all packages is performed during upgrade. Performing the REBINDs automatically during the upgrade ensures that the step is not missed and will help ensure that other applications are not started before the REBINDs are complete.


The following example upgrades the database cataloged under the database alias sales:

Usage notes

This command will only upgrade a database to a newer version, and cannot be used to convert an upgraded database to its previous version.

The database must be cataloged before upgrade.

If an error occurs during upgrade, it might be necessary to issue the TERMINATE command before attempting the suggested user response. For example, if a log full error occurs during upgrade (SQL1704: Database upgrade failed. Reason code "3".), it will be necessary to issue the TERMINATE command before increasing the values of the database configuration parameters logprimary and logfilsiz. The CLP must refresh its database directory cache if the upgrade failure occurs after the database has already been relocated (which is likely to be the case when a "log full" error returns).