DB2 Version 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

db2pd command has changed to support new functionality

The new -storagegroups parameter has been added in support of storage groups. Also, the output report for the -catalogcache, -hadr, -serviceclasses, -storagepaths, -tablespaces, -tcbstats, -workclasssets, and parameters have changed to support new functionality.


In Version 10.1, the new -storagegroups parameter provides details about storage groups and storage paths. If you do not specify a storage group identifier, information about all storage groups is reported. The -storagepaths parameter continues to report information about all storage groups.

Also, the output reports for the following parameters have been changed:
  • The -catalogcache parameter output reports details about the new table space cache.
  • The -hadr parameter output has been completely changed. Existing fields have been renamed to match the output from the new MON_GET_HADR table function, and fields have been added to support monitoring for the new HADR multiple standby. The formatting of the output has also changed from multiple field names on one line and field values on the subsequent line to having one field per line.
  • The serviceclasses parameter output now includes the UOW throughput, activity throughput, activity lifetime average, CPU Velocity, and CPU Utilization.
  • The -storagepaths parameter output includes storage group configuration details.
  • The -tablespaces parameter output now includes the storage group identifier that a table space is associated with and table space storage statistics.
  • The -tcbstats parameter output for the RowsComp and RowsUNcomp columns has been removed. Also, the output for the column and data for IndexObjSize has been deprecated. If you perform a reorganization to reclaim extents, the IndexObjSize output does not accurately reflect the number of pages in the index object because the value still includes the pages that were released during the reorganization. You should use instead the INDEX_OBJECT_P_SIZE or INDEX_OBJECT_L_SIZE columns of the ADMIN_GET_INDEX_INFO table function to obtain accurate values.
  • The -workclasssets parameter output is no longer in a table format. The output format lists basic work class information followed by the work class attribute information.


Change applications or scripts that use the output of the db2pd command to adjust to these changes.

Start using SQL administrative routines and views that report the same information instead of the command output as they offer more flexibility for programming.