DB2 Version 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Default storage groups

If a database has storage groups, the default storage group is used when an automatic storage managed table space is created without explicitly specifying the storage group.

When you create a database, a default storage group named IBMSTOGROUP is automatically created. However, a database created with the AUTOMATIC STORAGE NO clause, does not have a default storage group. The first storage group created with the CREATE STOGROUP statement becomes the designated default storage group. There can only be one storage group designated as the default storage group.
Note: Although, you can create a database specifying the AUTOMATIC STORAGE NO clause, the AUTOMATIC STORAGE clause is deprecated and might be removed from a future release.

You can designate a default storage group by using either the CREATE STOGROUP or ALTER STOGROUP statements. When you designate a different storage group as the default storage group, there is no impact to the existing table spaces using the old default storage group. To alter the storage group associated with a table space, use the ALTER TABLESPACE statement.

You can determine which storage group is the default storage group by using the SYSCAT.STOGROUPS catalog view.

You cannot drop the current default storage group. You can drop the IBMSTOGROUP storage group if it is not designated as the default storage group at that time. If you drop the IBMSTOGROUP storage group, you can create another storage group with that name.