DB2 Version 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

SMS permanent table spaces are deprecated

The system managed spaces (SMS) table space type is now deprecated for permanent table spaces that are defined by the user.


You can still specify the SMS type for catalog table spaces and temporary table spaces. The recommended table space type for user table spaces is automatic storage.

The database managed spaces (DMS) type is also deprecated starting with Version 10.1 Fix Pack 1. For more details, see FP1: DMS permanent table spaces are deprecated.

In previous releases, SMS permanent table spaces were used because they were simple to create and manage. To create a SMS table spaces, you do not have to specify an initial size but you must ensure that there is enough free disk space. The size and growth of the container files are managed at the operating system level. However, SMS table spaces do not perform as well as automatic storage table spaces.

With the introduction of automatic storage, management of table spaces was simplified. IBM continues to invest and develop in automatic storage table spaces.


For new databases, create them with user table spaces of automatic storage table space type by using the CREATE TABLESPACE statement or the CREATE DATABASE command.

For existing SMS permanent table spaces, start converting them to automatic storage table spaces before SMS user table spaces become discontinued. You can use the db2move command or the LOAD command specifying the CURSOR file type to move tables from the SMS table space to an automatic storage table spaces.