DB2 Version 10.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

db2imigr and db2ckmig commands have been discontinued

The db2imigr, and db2ckmig commands have been discontinued.


In Version 9.5 and earlier releases, the term migration was used to describe the process of upgrading DB2® servers, clients, database applications, routines, instances, and databases from a previous release to run in an environment of the current release. For consistency across DB2 products terminology, starting with Version 9.7, the term upgrade began to be used to describe the same process.

Because of this change in terminology, the DB2 commands to migrate instances and databases have been discontinued. The following table shows the commands to use for upgrading instances and databases.

Table 1. Discontinued and replacement commands
Discontinued command Replacement command Replacement command description
db2imigr db2iupgrade The db2iupgrade command upgrades an instance from a DB2 copy of a previous release to a DB2 copy of the current release.
db2ckmig db2ckupgrade db2ckupgrade verifies that local databases are ready to be upgraded.

User response

Use the db2iupgrade and db2ckupgrade commands when upgrading instances and databases.