Updating IBM® Db2 Warehouse

When you update Db2 Warehouse, you need to issue only a few commands, as in the initial deployment. However, an update completes much faster than an initial deployment.

The availability of each new version of Db2 Warehouse is announced in the What's new document, which also describes the enhancements.

To obtain the latest fixes and enhancements, update to the latest product version. The fixes and enhancements in the latest version are not available for earlier versions. Earlier versions are available only in case you need to revert to an earlier version due to a problem such as a hardware failure. If a new version contains a security fix, update to that version as soon as possible.

You can skip versions when you update. For example, if you are using Db2 Warehouse 2.11.0 and you want to update to Db2 Warehouse 3.1.0, you can do so directly, without first updating to each of the intermediate versions. After updating your Db2 Warehouse version, you cannot revert to a previous version. Downgrading to previous versions of Db2 Warehouse is not supported.

Updating from Db2 Warehouse V3.1.0 or earlier to V3.2.0 when Kerberos is enabled

When Kerberos is enabled, and when you are updating a Db2 Warehouse V3.1.0 (or earlier) deployment to V3.2.0, before you carry out the update procedure for your operating system and hardware, carry out the following steps; otherwise, skip these steps:
  1. Before running the update, issue the following command from outside the container:
    cp dsadm.keytab /mnt/clusterfs/SystemConfig/Kerberos
  2. Update the Db2 Warehouse deployment as described in the subtopic for your deployment environment.
  3. Issue the following command to set up the dsadm account for the web console:
    docker exec -it <container_name> configure_kerberos -dsadm