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Contains the value that specifies a deadlock resolution priority to use in resolving deadlocks with other threads.

FL 501

DEADLOCK_RESOLUTION_PRIORITY has the following characteristics:
  • It is updatable, with values maintained by the user.
  • The type is SMALLINT.
  • The schema is SYSIBMADM.
  • The scope of this global variable is session.
  • The default value is NULL.
A user with the WRITE privilege on the global variable can use either of the following SET assignment statements to reinitialize DEADLOCK_RESOLUTION_PRIORITY to the default value:

After assigning DEFAULT or NULL to the global variable, a subsequent request for the value of the global variable returns a NULL value.

The acceptable range of values is 0–2551. The higher the value, the less likely that lock requests acquired by an application will deadlock when the application is involved in a deadlock situation.

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1 Db2 for z/OS® allows a value of up to 255 for this built-in global variable to help insure that a Db2 for z/OS application can set a higher priority than an IMS application. The parameter on IMS/CICS Transaction Server for z/OS CREATE THREAD is a multiple of the IRLMRWT subsystem parameter value, which also influences deadlock resolution.