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Contains the value that specifies a deadlock resolution priority to use in resolving deadlocks with other threads.

FL 501

DEADLOCK_RESOLUTION_PRIORITY has the following characteristics:
  • It is updatable, with values maintained by the user.
  • The type is SMALLINT.
  • The schema is SYSIBMADM.
  • The scope of this global variable is session.
  • The default value is NULL.
A user with the WRITE privilege on the global variable can use either of the following SET assignment statements to reinitialize DEADLOCK_RESOLUTION_PRIORITY to the default value:

After assigning DEFAULT or NULL to the global variable, a subsequent request for the value of the global variable returns a NULL value.

The acceptable range of values is 0 - 2551. The higher the value, the less likely that lock requests acquired by an application will deadlock when the application is involved in a deadlock situation.

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1 Db2 for z/OS® allows a value of up to 255 for this built-in global variable to help insure that a Db2 for z/OS application can set a higher priority than an IMS application. The parameter on IMS/CICS Transaction Server for z/OS CREATE THREAD is a multiple of the IRLMRWT subsystem parameter value, which also influences deadlock resolution.