Encrypting your data with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support

Db2 supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol by using the z/OS® Communications Server IP Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS).

The z/OS Communications Server for TCP/IP supports the AT-TLS function in the TCP/IP stack for applications that require secure TCP/IP connections. AT-TLS performs TLS on behalf of the application, such as Db2, by invoking the z/OS system SSL in the TCP layer of the TCP/IP stack. The z/OS system SSL supports TLS V1.0, SSL V3.0, and SSL V2.0 protocols.

AT-TLS also uses policies that provide system SSL configurations for connections that use AT-TLS. An application continues to send and receive clear text data over the socket while the transmission is protected by the system SSL.

AT-TLS support is policy-driven and can be deployed transparently underneath many existing sockets applications.