Unqualified successful execution or successful execution with one or more warnings.

If SQLWARN0 is blank, there are no warnings. If SQLWARN0 = W, at least one of the other warning indicators in the SQLCA has been set to indicate a warning condition. For example, SQLWARN1 is used to indicate that a value of a string column was truncated when assigned to a host variable.


  • 00000 for unqualified successful execution.
  • 01003, 01004, 01503, 01504, 01505, 01506, 01507, 01517, or 01524 for successful execution with warning.

Other SQLCODE values

The SQLCODE value is set by Db2 after each statement is executed, as shown in the following table.

SQLCODE value Meaning SQLCODE descriptions
SQLCODE = 0 Successful execution, if SQLWARN0 is blank.

If SQLWARN0 = 'W', successful execution with warning.

SQLCODE = 100 No data was found. For example, a FETCH statement returned no data because the cursor was positioned after the last row of the result table. +100
SQLCODE > 0 and not = 100 Successful execution with a warning. +sqlcode-num
SQLCODE < 0 Execution was not successful. -sqlcode-num

For PDF format descriptions of the SQL codes that Db2 13 might issue, see PDF file icon Codes.