New-function APARs for Db2 13

Db2 13 introduces the continuous delivery of new capabilities in a single service stream. Many APARs in Db2 13 deliver deactivated functional code to support future function levels. However, some introduce their enhancements in Db2 13 regardless of the activated function level.

The following table summarizes the new-function APARs for Db2 13 from newest to oldest, including the APARs that enable activation of Db2 13 function levels. However, it does not include APARs that stage code for future Db2 13 function levels, "bug fixes," or other maintenance APARs.

Description APAR Date
Installation and migration changes to support new EXPLAIN columns PH48053 2023-01
Improved IFCID 0402 reset behavior PH50729 2023-01
Removed stacking limitations for PBG to PBR conversions PH51359 2022-12
Control the maximum number of concurrent external UDFs PH44833 2023-01
Lock avoidance for singleton SELECT with ISOLATION(CS) and CURRENTDATA(YES) PH49335 2022-12
Authorization update for CREATE INDEX on DGTT PH48601 2022-11
Product identifier (PRDID) values for specific DRDA levels PH48184 2022-11
Accelerator expression-offload support for LISTAGG and RAND PH48480 2022-11
Improved tape data set estimation for LOAD PH47800 2022-10
Improved PLAN_TABLE.PARENT_PLANNO column data for views and table expressions PH49972 2022-10
Function level V13R1M502 activation support PH47891 2022-10
List prefetch for MERGE statements PH47581 2022-09
Support for UNI_90 locale for the LOWER, TRANSLATE, and UPPER built-in functions PH47187 2022-09
Reduced LOGREC entries for parallel queries with FETCH FIRST n ROWS PH48183 2022-09
FL 500 Improved DBAT status for MONITOR THREADS profiles in DISPLAY THREAD output PH47626 2022-08
DECFLOAT datatype support for PL/I and C with DCLGEN PH47453 2022-08
Improved DBAT status information in DISPLAY THREAD output PH45504 2022-07