Db2 sample tables

Much of the Db2 information refers to or relies on the Db2 sample tables. As a group, the tables include information that describes employees, departments, projects, and activities, and they make up a sample application that exemplifies many of the features of Db2.

Begin general-use programming interface information.

The sample storage group, databases, table spaces, tables, and views are created when you run the installation sample jobs DSNTEJ1 and DSNTEJ7. Db2 sample objects that include LOBs are created in job DSNTEJ7. All other sample objects are created in job DSNTEJ1. The CREATE INDEX statements for the sample tables are not shown here; they, too, are created by the DSNTEJ1 and DSNTEJ7 sample jobs.

Authorization on all sample objects is given to PUBLIC in order to make the sample programs easier to run. You can review the contents of any table by executing an SQL statement, for example SELECT * FROM DSN8C10.PROJ. For convenience in interpreting the examples, the department and employee tables are listed in full.

End general-use programming interface information.