Updating subsystem parameters that cannot be updated by using DSNTIPB

Some subsystem parameters cannot be updated by using panel DSNTIPB.


To update subsystem parameters that you cannot update by using panel DSNTIPB:

  • To update the CATALOG ALIAS and DEFINE CATALOG fields on DSNTIPA2, see Changing the high-level qualifier for Db2 data sets.
    The CATALOG ALIAS parameter establishes an alias name for your ICF catalog. This name is also used as the high-level qualifier name for Db2 VSAM data sets. The DEFINE CATALOG parameter controls the creation of the ICF catalog.
  • To update Db2 to use the distributed data facility (DDF), follow these steps:
    1. Go through the normal update process of running the CLIST to add DDF information to installation panel DSNTIPR.
    2. Run job DSNTIJUZ.
    3. Populate the CDB.
    4. Stop and start Db2.
    5. Bind or rebind these plans:
      Begin general-use programming interface information.
      End general-use programming interface information.
    6. Start DDF if you specified COMMAND instead of AUTO as the DDF STARTUP OPTION on installation panel DSNTIPR.
  • To change the data set sizes for the Db2 catalog and directory:
    1. Copy the catalog and directory table spaces.
    2. Stop the table spaces or their databases.
    3. Delete the data sets and redefine them, using VSAM commands.
    4. Use the RECOVER utility to recover the catalog and directory to the new data sets.
    5. Start the table spaces or databases again.
  • To change from single to dual logging for the active log:
    1. Define the second copy of the log with a VSAM IDCAMS DEFINE statement.
      Refer to job DSNTIJIN, which contains the DEFINE statement for the first copy of the log.
    2. Run the DSNJU003 (change log inventory) utility.
      This adds the second copy of the log to the BSDS.
    3. Update the NUMBER OF COPIES field on installation panel DSNTIPH from 1 to 2.
    4. Run job DSNTIJUZ to make the change effective.
  • To move or expand the bootstrap data sets, use the IMPORT and EXPORT commands of access method services.
    The bootstrap data sets are accessed using JCL when Db2 starts.
  • To access the log data sets, you can use stand-alone access macros or the IMPORT and EXPORT commands of access method service.
  • To change the number of data sets for active logs, you can use the DSNJU003 utility.