Enabling Db2 REST services

Before you can use Db2 as a REST service provider, you must create a database, a table space, a table, and an index that are required by the services.


To enable the creation of Db2 REST services:

  1. Start of changeApply the following APARs:End of change
    • APAR PI70652. This APAR is the minimum level that is required.
    • APAR PI98649, which enables versioning for Db2 REST services.
    • Start of changeAny subsequent available Db2 REST services maintenance. End of change
  2. Configure and run sample job DSNTIJRS in the SDSNSAMP library to create database DSNSVCDB, table space DSNSVCTS, table SYSIBM.DSNSERVICE, and index SYSIBM.DSNSVC01.

    Db2 uses the SYSIBM.DSNSERVICE table to describe REST services and associate them with corresponding packages.

  3. Configure and run sample job DSNTIJR2 to enable Db2 REST service versioning support.