Connection routines and sign-on routines

Your Db2 subsystem has two exit points for authorization routines, one in connection processing and one in sign-on processing. Both exit points perform crucial steps in the assignment of values to primary IDs, secondary IDs, and SQL IDs.

Begin program-specific programming interface information.You must have a routine for each exit. Default routines are provided for both. DSN3@ATH is the default exit routine for connections, and DSN3@SGN is the default exit routine for sign-ons.

If your installation has a connection exit routine and you plan to use CONNECT with the USER/USING clause, you should examine your exit routine. Db2 does not update the following information to reflect the user ID and password that are specified in the USER/USING clause of the CONNECT statement:

  • The security-related control blocks that are normally associated with the thread
  • The address space that your exit routine can access

If you want to use secondary authorization IDs, you must replace the default routines with the sample routines, or with routines of your own.End program-specific programming interface information.