Db2 REST services improve efficiency and security

The Db2 REST services support, available in Db2 12, unleashes your enterprise data and applications on Db2 for z/OS® for the API economy. Mobile and cloud application developers can use efficiently created, consumable, scalable, and RESTful services by using any REST client. They can use these services to securely interact with business-critical data and transactions, without special Db2 for z/OS expertise.

Recent service updates to the Db2 REST services support introduces the BIND SERVICE and FREE SERVICE commands and versioning to REST services. Db2 database administrators can issue these DSN commands to create and drop user-defined REST services the same way as they use BIND PACKAGE and FREE PACKAGE for normal application package creation and deletion. The Db2 commands, START RESTSVC, STOP RESTSVC, and DISPLAY RESTSVC, were also introduced with the recent service updates to the Db2 REST services support. The commands can be used by DBAs to manage the availability of user-defined REST services.