CACHE DYNAMIC SQL field (CACHEDYN subsystem parameter)

The CACHEDYN subsystem parameter controls whether prepared, dynamic SQL statements are to be cached for later use by eligible application processes.

Acceptable values: YES, NO
Default: YES
Update: option 29 on panel DSNTIPB
Security parameter: Security-related
Causes prepared, dynamic SQL statements to be cached in the EDM dynamic statement cache. If you specify YES, consider this usage when you calculate your EDM pool size. If you specify YES, you must also specify YES for the USE PROTECTION field on panel DSNTIPP.
Causes prepared, dynamic SQL statements to not be cached.
Note: This is a security-related parameter. When RACF authorization is used and this parameter is set, the changes that are made in RACF profiles are not immediately reflected. This setting might result in a user (cached AUTHID) being able to issue the dynamic statements until the cache is refreshed.