Data types

Db2 supports both IBM®-supplied data types (built-in data types) and user-defined data types (distinct types).

The smallest unit of data that can be manipulated in SQL is called a value. How values are interpreted depends on the data type of their source. The sources of values are:

  • Columns
  • Constants
  • Expressions
  • Functions
  • Special registers
  • Variables (such as host variables, SQL variables, global variables, parameter markers, and parameters of routines)

The following topics describes the built-in data types and distinct types.

Figure 1 shows the built-in data types that Db2 supports.
Figure 1. Built-in data types supported by Db2
Begin figure description. A hierarchical diagram shows the relationship between the general data types and the specific data types that are contained in each general category. End figure description.