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Testing Db2 function level activation

Before you activate a Db2 function level, you can optionally test whether the Db2 subsystem or data sharing group is ready for activation of the target function level.

Before you begin

Important: When you check the readiness of your Db2 environment for a function level, be careful to specify the TEST option with the ACTIVATE command. After any successful completion of the ACTIVATE command without TEST, Db2 must remain at the higher code level. That is, you cannot remove any PTFs that the code level requires, even at a lower star (*) function level. You can also use the DISPLAY GROUP command to determine the highest function level that your Db2 environment supports, without risk of inadvertent function level activation. For more information, see Determining the Db2 code level, catalog level, and function level.


To test activation of a Db2 function level, complete the following steps:

  1. Begin general-use programming interface information.Issue an ACTIVATE command with the TEST option and specify the target Db2 function level to test.
  2. Examine the DSNU757I message.
    The DSNU757I message indicates whether the group is ready for the specified level. Because TEST is specified, the output includes detailed information about each active member of the data sharing group. In this example, all of the members are at the required code level and catalog level so that function level 500 can be activated.
    DSNU757I  -DB2A DSNUGCCA                                                                 
    *** BEGIN ACTIVATE FUNCTION LEVEL (V12R1M500)                                            
                    GROUP ELIGIBLE FOR FUNCTION LEVEL (V12R1M500)                            
                    CATALOG LEVEL(V12R1M500)                                                 
                    CURRENT FUNCTION LEVEL(V12R1M100)                                        
                    HIGHEST ACTIVATED FUNCTION LEVEL (V12R1M100)                              
                    HIGHEST POSSIBLE FUNCTION LEVEL(V12R1M500)                               
    DB2          CURRENT     CAPABLE FUNCTION LEVELS                    
    MEMBER   ID  CODE-LEVEL  LOWEST      HIGHEST     STATUS             
    -------- --- ----------  ----------  ----------  -------------------
    DB2A       1 V12R1M500   V12R1M100   V12R1M500   ELIGIBLE           
    DB2B       2 V12R1M500   V12R1M100   V12R1M500   ELIGIBLE           
    DB2C       3 V12R1M500   V12R1M100   V12R1M500   ELIGIBLE           
    End general-use programming interface information.

What to do next

  1. If necessary, apply maintenance to the Db2 subsystem or data sharing group members for the code level required by the target function level, and repeat this task.
  2. Activate the target function level as described in Activating Db2 12 function levels.
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