BIND and REBIND options for packages, plans, and services

There are several options you can use for binding or rebinding packages, plans, and services. Some of the options are common for both BIND and REBIND operations.

Defaults: The default for an option is the value used if you omit the entire option.
  • A default of plan value for BIND PACKAGE means that the default is the same as the value determined during the bind or rebind of the plan to which the package is appended at run time.
  • A default of existing value for REBIND PLAN or REBIND PACKAGE means that the default is the value that was determined during the previous bind or rebind of the plan or package that you are rebinding.

Catalog records: The Db2 catalog records information about plans, packages, and services, mainly in the tables SYSIBM.SYSPLAN, SYSIBM.SYSPACKAGE, and SYSIBM.DSNSERVICE. The descriptions of where the options record information omit the constant qualifier, SYSIBM, of those table names.

For all other cases, the option descriptions note the specific defaults, which Db2 assigns at bind time. If a specific default value exists, that value is underlined.