Increased partition sizes and simplified partition management for partition-by-range table spaces with relative page numbering

Db2 12 introduces a new attribute for partition-by-range table spaces featuring partition sizes up to 1 TB and less-disruptive partition management.

partition-by-range table spaces with relative page numbering allow the following improvements in space allocation:

  • Data and index partition sizes can be up to 1 TB.
  • Greater flexibility in growing your partitions. With relative page numbering, you can grow partitions by any number of gigabytes. With absolute page numbering partition growth is restricted to gigabytes in powers of two.
  • Different partitions of the same table can have different size limits.
  • Improved availability because DSSIZE can be increased for individual partitions as an immediate ALTER, without requiring a REORG.

You create table spaces with the new attribute by specifying the PAGENUM RELATIVE option of the CREATE TABLESPACE statement. Existing table spaces can be converted with the ALTER TABLESPACE statement.