New-function APARs for Db2 12

Db2 12 introduces the continuous delivery of new capabilities in a single service stream. Many APARs in Db2 12 deliver deactivated functional code to support future function levels. However, some introduce their enhancements immediately, at any Db2 function level.

The following table summarizes the new-function APARs for Db2 12 from newest to oldest, including the APARs that enable activation of Db2 12 function levels. APARs with new-function code for future function levels are listed with the APAR that enables activation of each function level. Only APARs that have PTFs for Db2 12 are included. The following table does not include "bug fixes" or other maintenance APARs.

Tip: Depending on how when and how you order the product code for Db2 12 or Db2 13, you might find that the external changes from any of the following APARs are already built-in when you install a new Db2 environment or migrate to Db2 13. Also, you can expect that external changes from the following APARs with availability dates earlier than 2022-06 are likely to be already built-in when you migrate to Db2 13, regardless of whether you apply the PTFs in Db2 12.
Description APAR Date
Detail information for a page with minimum LRSN that causes a GRECP recovery delay PH54199 2024-01
STATIME_DDF support PH56228 2023-12
More granular accounting trace records for distributed applications PH55241 2023-08
Improved index traverse count information in DISPLAY STATS output PH55255 2023-08
Latch monitoring and serviceability enhancements PH41756 2023-07
Migration readiness reported in DISPLAY GROUP command output PH50072 2023-06
APPLCOMPAT and PLANMGMT support in DSNTIJRT/DSNTRIN for bind or rebind of packages for Db2-supplied routines PH50704 2023-03
Enhanced SQLDA output for LOBs and distinct types in REXX applications PH52852 2023-04
APPLCOMPAT and PLANMGMT support in DSNTIJRT/DSNTRIN for bind or rebind of packages for Db2-supplied routines PH50704 2023-03
Improved default behavior for management of real storage PH47163 2023-02
Installation and migration changes to support new EXPLAIN columns PH48503 2023-01
Improved IFCID 0402 reset behavior PH50729 2023-01
Control the maximum number of concurrent user-defined external scalar functions PH44833 2022-12
Lock avoidance for singleton SELECT with ISOLATION(CS) and CURRENTDATA(YES) PH49335 2022-12
Authorization update for CREATE INDEX on DGTT PH48601 2022-11
Accelerator expression-offload support for LISTAGG and RAND PH48480 2022-11
Support for UNI_90 locale for the LOWER, TRANSLATE, and UPPER built-in functions PH47187 2022-09
DECFLOAT datatype support for PL/I and C with DCLGEN PH47453 2022-08
Improved DBAT status information in DISPLAY THREAD output PH45504 2022-07
New serviceability message for LOAD FORCE and REORG FORCE PH44941 2022-06
New REORG option to minimize the duration of the last log iteration PH33864 2022-05
New LOAD option to reclaim NPI space PH39194 2022-05
Improvements to the -START ML and -STOP ML commands PH43479 2022-05
New statistics trace classes for monitoring distributed user statistics PH40244, PH40243 2022-04
Improved detection and removal of incomplete connections to Db2 PH44270 2022-04
DCLGEN updated to use COMP-5 declarations for integer data for COBOL applications PH42857 2022-03
Statistics class 1 includes IFCID 0369 PH43916 2022-03
Controlling application compatibility for productivity-aid sample programs PH41968 2022-02
LOAD improvements for inline image copies of partitions PH40709 2022-01
Consistent inline image copies with LOAD REPLACE PH39300 2021-12
Reduced console messages for FTB PH41751 2021-12
Support for disabling the filtering of alter or modify log record collection in IFCID 306 trace applications PH40937 2021-12
Longer password phrase support for connections to Db2 for z/OS PH40443 2021-11
Improved identification of running log reader tasks from Integrated Synchronization products PH40261 2021-10
The SYSPROC.ADMIN_COMMAND.DSN stored procedure now supports DCLGEN PH28863 2021-08
Support for new SUBSTR_COMPATIBILITY subsystem parameter PH36071 2021-08
IBM Text Search for Db2 for z/OS V5.5.4 PH35720 2021-08
Improved APREUSE bind option functionality PH36728 2021-06
IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension 1.2 None 2021-06
Support for Redirected Recovery with the RECOVER utility PH35266 2021-06
Support for limiting image copy data sets for REORG PI75518 2021-06
SQL tuning capabilities added to Db2 Accessories Suite 4.2 None 2021-06
Fast index traversal (FTB) support for non-unique indexes PH30978 2021-06
Improved REORG INDEX utility performance PH25217 2021-05
Display information about use of fast index traversal (FTB) with DISPLAY STATS PH34859 2021-05
Db2 12 function level 510 activation
  • Prepare for migration to Db2 13
PH33727 2021-04
REORG utility improvements for SORTNPSI YES PH34403 2021-04
Increased password size for Db2-supplied stored procedures PH35411 2021-04
Python support on Db2 for z/OS through ODBC driver with IBM_DB Pyhton support for DB2 for z/OS PH30575 2021-03
Clean-up phased-out copies for rebind phase-in PH33295 2021-03
Real-time monitoring of CICS attachment facility calls PH31447 2021-02
Db2 12 function level 509 activation PH33015 2021-01
Improved transaction execution times and concurrency for REBIND PACKAGE PH28693 2021-01
Enhanced DEFAULTIF specifications for the LOAD utility PH30610 2021-01
LOAD REPLACE or REBUILD INDEX utilities now reset RTS for GETPAGES PH32224 2021-01
Integrated Accelerator for Z Sort use for GROUP BY or ORDER BY PH31684 2020-12
Controlling all distributed threads and connections with profile tables PH30780 2020-12
TEMPLATE utility support for LBI PH30093 2020-12
Improved status messages for DDF PH30222 2020-11
Authorized programs can pass eight-byte authorization IDs to Db2 PH28017 2020-10
Support for Redirected Recovery with the RECOVER utility PH27043 2020-10
Obsolete subsystem parameters are removed PH28280 2020-10
Db2 12 function level 508 activation PH29392 2020-10
INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements prepared with the isolation-clause attribute WITH UR are disallowed PH14791 2020-10
REORG TABLESPACE utility support for IBM Integrated Accelerator for Z Sort feature PH28183 2020-09
REPAIR DBD TEST and DIAGNOSE allowed on the work file database PH10358 2020-08
Control of LOAD utility updates to MAXASSIGNEDVAL catalog values for identity columns PH28476 2020-08
LOAD utility can load data into read-only objects PH26131 2020-08
MFA authentication support for clients not configured for sysplex WLB PH21341 2020-08
New option to force the canceling of claimers during LOAD PH24369 2020-08
CHECK utilities with SHRLEVEL CHANGE reset CHECK-pending status PH25593 2020-08
LOAD option to define auxiliary objects PH19072 2020-08
Availability of IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension None 2020-07
OBJECT_CREATE_FORMAT and UTILITY_OBJECT_CONVERSION subsystem parameters removed PH26317 2020-07
Message DSNS005I now issued to help explain why storage contraction began PH25940 2020-07
LOAD can override row change timestamp columns that are defined as GENERATED ALWAYS PH25572 2020-07
LOAD can presort data PH23105 2020-06
GETPAGES columns in RTS tables now wrap after reaching the largest supported value PH22838 2020-06
IBM Db2 AI for z/OS 1.3.0
  • PH15742
  • PH16111
  • PH2409
  • PH25342
LOAD support for dates in 3-byte packed decimal format PH22944 2020-06
Db2 12 function level 507 activation PH24371 2020-06
Enable fast index traversal (FTBs) for specific indexes only PH23238 2020-06
COMPRESS_SPT01 and SPT01_INLINE_LENGTH subsystem parameters removed PH24358 2020-06
Support client information to be propagated from a Db2 REST call PH24619 2020-06
Improved reliability and contention relief for online migration PH10826 2020-05
Estimate space savings for Huffman compression using DSN1COMP PH19242 2020-04
Support for more granular collection of certain Db2 statistics traces PH19658 2020-04
Support for deleting remote services and related packages with FREE SERVICE commands PH21058 2020-03
Subsystem parameter default settings and ranges adjusted for Db2 best practices PH21370 2020-03
Support for creating artifacts for services that provision Db2 for z/OS data sharing groups PH19751 2020-03
Add support for UNI_60 locale for the LOWER, TRANSLATE, and UPPER built-in functions PH19888 2020-03
Serviceability improvements for insert algorithm 2 PH18944 2020-03
LOAD tolerates invalid PARALLEL specifications PH19073 2020-03
Automatic rebind operations attempt to reuse the access path from the current package PH15896 2020-02
Ability to control the number of queued connections waiting for MONITOR THREADS profiles PH12041 2020-02
Ability to block certain Db2 utilities from updating replicated tables PH14363 2020-01
Enable SECADM authority to grant BINDAGENT privilege to the binder PH11309 2020-01
Data set encryption key labels returned by ADMIN_DS_LIST PH12920 2020-01
Statistics profile options included in utility output PH11423 2020-01
Validation for default buffer pools in the installation CLIST PH12117 2019-12
Support for deploying Db2 native REST services PH14688 2019-10
Db2 12 function level 506 activation PH16829 2019-10
IBM Db2 AI for z/OS
  • PH14083
  • PH16093
Ability to limit query acceleration processing to new accelerators PH09995 2019-10
Ability to control workload balancing of accelerated queries based on accelerator version PH05477 2019-09
IBM z15: Data privacy for diagnostics for buffer pool data in SVC dumps PH15940 2019-09
REPAIR utility enhancement to allow write of Db2 diagnostic log record PH11871 2019-09
Enhancements to insert algorithm 2 PH02052 2019-09
Console message for inoperative packages PH13550 2019-08
Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing support for accelerated static queries PH14116 2019-08
New job DSNTIJPM premigration report 24: active log data sets larger than 4 GB PH11514 2019-07
Support for sysplex group authentication PI94236 2019-07
Asynchronous cross-invalidation of group buffer pools PH10577 2019-06
Function level 505 activation PH09191 2019-06
Loading multiple input data sets in a single job PI96136 2019-06
Multiple captures on a single proxy for GDPS Continuous Availability with zero data loss PI80787 2019-06
Creating artifacts for provisioning Db2 subsystems with the CLIST PH09857 2019-06
Db2 12 Function level 504 activation PH07672 2019-04
Setting the client application compatibility property is optional when the client is Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Version 11.1 Fix pack 1 or later PH08482 2019-04
Allowing the PORT and SECPORT to be the same for static location aliases PH08188 2010-04
Ability to delete only FlashCopy image copies PH04023 2019-04
Loading multiple input data sets in a single job PI96136 2019-04
New job DSNTIJPM premigration report 23: SQL routines created in DB2 9 PH07660 2019-04
Improve RUNSTATS performance by making page sampling the default behavior PH07220 2019-04
New environment variable to control the MQListener log size PH07230 2019-03
IBM Db2 AI for z/OS 1.2.0 PH07782 2019-03
IBM Db2 AI for z/OS1.1.0.1 PH05323 2019-02
New in-memory resource limit table automatic refresh capability and enhancements to START RLIMIT PH06082 2019-02
Specify the default padding behavior for REORG TABLESPACE with UNLOAD EXTERNAL or DISCARD processing PH00317 2019-02
Avoid external sorts for single-column column groups at the utility job level PH03678 2019-02
Node.js support in Db2 for z/OS with the IBM_DB Node.js driver type PH05953 2019-01
Db2 exploitation of asynchronous cross-invalidation for coupling facility cache structures PH05193 2018-12
Improved operational control for Db2 native REST services PI98649 2018-11
New installation jobs for some DSNTIJMV job tasks PH02971 2018-11
New alternate format for timestamp values PH03263 2018-11
Support for tracing native SQL routines PI44721 2018-10
Function level 503 activation PH00506 2018-10
Allow ROTATE PARTITION for materialized query tables or tables having dependent materialized query tables PH00194 2018-10
Specify a DDF IPNAME PI99403 2018-10
Db2 command line processor (CLP) support for user name and credentials for running SQL files PH00335 2018-09
Specify an HFS or zFS directory for z/OSMF artifacts PI97635 2018-07
UNLOAD utility uses REGISTER NO by default in Db2 12 PI99075 2018-07
Suppress SQL warning messages for OPEN and FETCH from SPUFI, DSNTEP2, DSNTEP4, and DSNTIAUL PI79053 2018-06
Db2 12 Function level 502 activation PI95511 2018-05
User-defined function with MODIFIES SQL DATA from a subselect PI93887 2018-04
Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing support for accelerated queries PI91620 2018-03
Population of null attributes for objects created before function level V12R1M500 PI86123 2018-01
HFS DRBM support for COBOL and PL/I PI88171 2018-01
Db2 Native REST services support update PI86868 2018-01
Automatic remigration binds are removed in release coexistence and fallback PI87675 2018-01
IBM zHyperLink: database synchronous read I/O exploitation PI82575 2018-01
MQListener automatic restart after Db2 restart PI84698 2017-12
New console message for remote client information PI89903 2017-12
DSNTIJSG installation job no longer creates SYSIBM EXPLAIN tables PI86450 2017-12
CATMAINT utility LEVEL supports function level values PI88058 2017-12
DSNTIJUZ split into task-specific installation jobs PI85657 2017-11
Reduced cost for collecting Db2 frequency statistics PI76730 2017-11
Changes to address problems after Db2 table definition changes
  • PI86880
  • PI88940
Support for collection of more accurate real storage usage statistics PI78979 2017-08
New LOAD utility IGNORE options PI77159 2017-08
Real-time statistics collection of RUNSTATS-related columns starts at object creation PI79234 2017-07
Explicitly-defined hidden ROWID columns PI77310 2017-06
Db2 Native Rest Services PI70652 2017-05
Db2 12 function level 501 activation PI70535 2017-05
ADMIN_INFO_SQL stored procedure enhanced to collect UDF information PI73268 2017-04
LOAD utility support for more date and time formats PI69064 2016-11