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Db2 12 function levels

New Db2 capabilities and enhancements are continuously delivered in a single maintenance stream as the code becomes ready. You can activate the new capabilities in a data sharing group or Db2 subsystem after a function level is delivered. A function level corresponds to a single PTF that enables the activation of a specific set of enhancements that shipped in previous prerequisite or co-requisite PTFs. The activation of a function level results in the activation of all lower function levels.

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About function levels in Db2 12

A function level enables a particular set of new Db2 capabilities and enhancements that were previously delivered in the single continuous stream of Db2 code. It includes code that supports new capabilities, defect fixes, and preventive service items. Before you can use the new capabilities of a function level, you must activate the function level, or a higher function level. Activation of a function level implies activation of the capabilities that are introduced by all lower function levels.

For more information about function levels, and how to activate them in Db2 12, see Adopting new capabilities in Db2 12 continuous delivery.

Available function levels

The following function levels are available in Db2 12. They are listed in release order, beginning with the highest available function level.

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