Making Db2 load modules available to IMS

As part of connecting Db2 to IMS, you must make the Db2 load modules available to IMS.

About this task

If you have already included the prefix.SDSNLOAD library in your LNKLSTxx, you can skip this step. Db2 10 modules will be available through normal z/OS® module search.


To make Db2 load modules available to IMS:

  • If Db2 load libraries are not included in your LNKLSTxx, add STEPLIB statements to your startup procedures.
  • Add prefix.SDSNLOAD to the DFSESL DD statement.
  • If any IMS region connects to more than one release of Db2, then you must ensure that the Db2 load library that is used for that region is compatible with each release. The IMS attachment facility is upward compatible, but not downward compatible. This means that you should use the oldest release of the Db2 load library for the IMS region.
    • If all the data sets referred to in the JOBLIB or STEPLIB statement for an IMS region are APF-authorized, then add the DD statement for prefix.SDSNLOAD to the JOBLIB or STEPLIB statement. If the DYNAM option of COBOL is being used, the IMS RESLIB DD statement must precede the reference to prefix.SDSNLOAD in the JOBLIB or STEPLIB statement.
    • Add the ddname DFSESL DD statement for prefix.SDSNLOAD. All libraries specified on the DFSESL DD statement must be APF-authorized. The DFSESL DD statement is not required by Db2 DL/I batch support. IMS requires that an IMS RESLIB DD statement also be referenced by the DFSESL DD statement, as in the following:
       //DFSESL     DD      DSN=ims_reslib,DISP=SHR
       //           DD      DSN=prefix.SDSNLOAD,DISP=SHR