Universal (UTS) table spaces

You can combine the benefits of segmented space management with partitioned table space organization by using universal (UTS) table spaces. Universal (UTS) table spaces use a combination of partitioned and segmented table space schemes.

Start of changeYou can alter existing table spaces to universal table spaces by using the ALTER TABLESPACE statement. If your database contains any simple table spaces, alter them to universal table spaces as soon as possible.End of change

Some of the benefits of universal table spaces are:

  • Range-partitioned functionality
  • Partition-by-growth functionality
  • Better space management as it relates to varying-length rows because a segmented space-map page has more information about free space than a partitioned space-map page
  • Improved mass delete performance because mass delete in a segmented table space organization tends to be faster than in other types of table space organizations
  • Table scans that are localized to segments
  • Immediate reuse of all or most of the segments of a table after the table is dropped or mass deleted
  • Universal table spaces cannot be created in the work file database.
  • Universal table spaces require more space map pages, compared to table spaces that are partitioned (non-universal).